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Tuesday 18 July 2017

More Facts About Me

More Facts About Me

Hi everyone, because my blog has already achieved 400 views and everyone is afraid to write first in the comment, maybe more facts about me proves that I don't  bite! 👍😃

  1. I don't smoke
  2. I have older sister
  3. I prefer spring than summer
  4. I don't have a driving licence
  5. So far I have been in 9 countries✈
  6. I like to watch horrors and thrillers
  7. I'm afraid of spiders and worms🐛
  8. I don't like green colour
  9. I drinks alcohol only sometimes🍸
  10. I love watching series like C.S.I
  11. I have 168cm
  12. I don't like gym, exercises etc🏃
  13. The most important for me is family
  14. I love crisps
  15. I have a very good memory for faces

 If anyone has any questions or would like to know something else, please write below. See you ! 💋

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