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Monday 17 July 2017

My Night Routine

🌛🌟💤 My  Night Routine 💤 🌛🌟
My  Night Routine

My nightly care is actually 6 30 am in the morning because I working on night shifts. When I get back I am usually little sweaty and head straight go to the 🚿shower but not without stopping to remove my makeup first

 At the beginning to remove eye makeup I use oil from L'Oreal  and Cien facial wipes or if I don't have oil I use soaked cotton Nivea Double Effect Eye Makeup remover and cleansing circular movements, they both do a great job of cleaning my skin and making it feel fresh. To clean the rest of the make-up whole face massage gently Sukin Cream Cleanser which is paraben and sulphate free and I remove with warm face cloth or warm water. 

After shower, it is obligatory to moisturize the body.

body milk balm

To wash my face before sleeping I use my favorite gel Bioliq, which does not contain soap therefore, it doesn't dry the skin.Cleaning with the included brush or brush from Primark or modeled on Foreo Luna washer from Lidl. After washing my face time to use Farmona Crystal Care Facial Toner With Moisturizing Effect and moisturizing cream.About my favorite cream and the rest of cosmetics such as serum, night masks etc will write in a separate post.

Bioliq Link                                                           Farmona Link

Then I wash teeth, wearing  pyjamas and always before sleeping I watching with my boyfriend 💑 one episode of series. 

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