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Monday 24 July 2017

Peelings, Scrubs

Peelings, Scrubs
good peeling

Today will write you about my favorites peelings and scrubs what I use on face and body. But maybe start from the beginning, Why we should use peels in all?

The aim of a peeling is the removal of dead skin cells. With a peeling, the complexion is refined and cell renewal is stimulated. Afterwards, the skin feels smooth and soft and looks radiant thanks to the increased blood circulation.
Cleansed skin is ready to receive lotions and creams, where the ingredients are much better absorbed. A few years ago, it was a step that I skipped in my care, but now systematically once a week I use facials and body scrubs. Below my favorites.

Fruits Orange & Pomelo Fragrance Explosion Body Scrub wilko

Super scrub that leaves the skin delicate, soft, smoothed and revitalised. In addition, it has a very pleasant fruity smell, which is nice to refresh but it does not last long in the skin. I think for £ 0.95 there will be nothing better. Very cool I recommend to try!

Dr. G Brightening Peeling Gel Mild
This is a very unusual product because it doesn't have particles but cotton fiber cellulose and bark extract which remove the dead skin forming a form of trapped cream. It is very hard to explain so I attach photo.Only smell I don't like, It's like tea tree oil which my boyfriend hates. Earlier I had a problem that a lot of peeling was too strong and  irritates my skin, but this one It's a very gentle, after using the face is not red. For me, doing a great job. 

The Body Shop Vitamin C Daily Glow Cleansing Polish

Very cool alternative that can be used practically every day because it has delicate particles. I use it every third day because I don't want to overfeed my skin. Has a very nice citrus scent which definitely encourage you to use it😊

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