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Monday 24 July 2017

Rimmel Scandaleyes Xxtreme Mascara Black

Rimmel Scandaleyes Xxtreme Mascara Black

Tempted by promotions in Wilko £4.98  I bought new mascara.I thought it would be cool to do a test, the first impression and share it with you.

So far the only thing that was a minus to it was the large amount of product on the brush but most of the new mascaras have like that.

I am without make-up, please also for understanding 👀😆

On the left eye I have mascara and without on the right
On the first photo I have one layer of mascara, on the next two layers

What do you think? For me it's a really cool effect for the daily make-up. We will see what will be my opinion about this cosmetic Rimmel Scandaleyes Xxtreme Mascara Black in the future but for now I am on Yes
Thanks! 😚

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