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Wednesday, 2 August 2017


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There are currently many products on the market and new ones are constantly appearing, that is why it is obvious that there are products that we surely will not buy. Today I will present to you my list of four products like that, which doesn't satisfy me their quality, usefulness, price or just I don't need them.

1. Kim Kardashian KKW Beauty contour sticks

KKW Beauty's Contour Kits are $48 each plus shipping for me cost too much just for 032 ounces of product. It's a joke! Comes packed in a plastic bag, not worth the whole hype. I can't understend people who's  waiting on the website when this product will appear in the sale. They stress, set alarms on the phones because in 2 minutes will be again in sales, It's embarrassing.😒😠
 Definitely not buy it!

It doesn't look to me originally and spectacularly, similar shades are in many other pallets. There are a lot of opinions and swatches on the internet so you can see that it crumbles terribly. I prefer buy the same colors from single shadows of Makeup Geek and be sure that they will be of good quality, I will use them and I will spend less money. 

Metallic lips is not a trend that convinces me and something I like. I do not think it's practical for everyday makeup and it will not be a trend for long. Maybe someone will adore it, probably depends on your preferences, but I do not want to buy it.

The palette looks very nice but is it universal and will we use all these shades? For me it would be wasting money because Orion, Spectra and Helia  ( looks very simillar than Luna ) I probably wouldn't use. It looks good but definitely not for me.

And what products you do not intend to buy?
I hope you enjoyed❤✋

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