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Friday 4 August 2017

MUA & Makeup Revolution Lipsticks

MUA & Makeup Revolution Lipsticks
makeup revolution lipstick

Lipstick brands Makeup Academy and  Makeup Revolution are very cheap 1,00 GBP or 2,20 GBP so for every color maniac, this is a great option. The packaging of both 
companies are  practically identical therefore, I suspect that both probably have the
 same manufacturer. Additionally  to the top or bottom of the package is included a container
 with cream lipstick.
I do not see any difference in them so I will review them as the same product.

From Prodcuer

MUA Lipsticks offer a shade for every occasion in easy to wear colours. Easy to apply - glide over the lips for your desired effect.


With just one swipe you'll have fantastic colour pay off resulting in gorgeous lips! Why not pick a shade you've not tried before and get a new look? It is just £1 after all...did we already mention that?

My Opinion

The manufacturer was right about pigmentation because you just need  one swipe to have colour on the lips. The formula is creamy, comfortable to wear but after a few hours your mouth is dry. My favorite shade is this crazy purple, I was looking for something for the party in such a shade and there was not much choice, so I decided to risk with this because it costs only 1,00 GBP so even if it will be shit it wouldn't be a waste of money,
 but it turned out to be great. Peach color is a bit cakey, definitely has the weakest quality that
 is why  it proposes rather darker shades ! Keeps up to 4 hours on the lips. 

Summing up the dark decisively on yes, in brighter shades I would rather invest with better,
 more expensive brands. I think that for such a low price worth trying !💋💄

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