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Tuesday 29 August 2017

Essence First Impression & Makeup

Essence First Impression & Makeup

I was a few days ago in Wilkinson and bought some cosmetics from the Essence. This is a German brand producing very cheap cosmetics, so I decided from the every category buy one things and see how they works. I only forgot about the concealer, while foundation will be in a separate post.
 So let's get started😊

essence eyeshadows swatches

Using a  ,,All AboutToffee '' palette I made this makeup. It only costs £4.00 for 8 eyeshadows so great! It has really nice colors that can be used for everyday school or work makeups and has handy packaging. The shadows are not the best pigmented , I would say averagee but working with them was easy, they blended ok so I am definitely on yes!

all about toffee makeup

essence eyeshadows review

The rest of the products

My favorite product of all these. As the producer says ''provides lashes with length, dramatic volume and a false- lash effect,,does all these things! A huge plus is the adorable packaging. My new love💚

Cool product that leaves your eyebrows in one place.Best to not have clearance between the hair first use some crayons or shadows and then this gel, the effect will be great:-)

Simple in application. It survived on the lips after eating the soup so I bought one more today:D 

essence plum cake

I didn't really like it😕. The color is too orange on the face and it's not too easy to blending. 

When I came home I remembered that I already have one of the lipstick from this company and I'm afraid I bought again the same colour but fortunately, there are different uff😁. Long stay on the lips without drying them out. Cost only £2.30 so I recommend to try. 

essence swatches

In conclusion I am really pleasantly surprised. All products cost less than  £5 and only the bronzer disappointed me. Of course all the cosmetics I bought myself is also a sincere opinion and not an advertisement! And you like the cosmetics of this brand?👇

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