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Monday 28 August 2017

My Morning Routine

🌞🌞🔆My  Morning Routine🌞🌞🔆
My  Morning Routine

Hi all, today in England we have a bank holiday <a day off from work> jupiii😎 so I can catch up writing a posts and make some make ups💋💄.  
Some time ago I wrote a post about my  night routine
so finally came the time for my morning. I personally love seeing other peoples daily routines. Something so interesting about a peek into someone’s life. As I mentioned already on the blog I working on night shift so my night and day begins at unusual times. 

Most of the days I wake up around 15pm and then my skin care ritual begins. On cloudy days or when I know I will not go out of the house, to wash my face I used Norel Dr. Wilsz 
Cleansing Gel with Mandelic Acid 6%. This is a delicate gel that doesn't dry out the skin and works anti-inflammatory. It contains almond acid which can theoretically be applied in the summer but I prefer to be careful and avoid contact with the sun. 

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania norel żel z kwasem migdałowym

When outside the window is a beautiful weather and I know I will going out I rub my face by a cotton swab with a micellar water. In the next step of care, I used tonic or rose water. If I have time I put a face mask usually some kind of clay or moisturizing in the sheet. If I'm busy,  washing my teeth, I apply a light cream and I'm ready💃😊
My  Morning Routine

I hope you enjoyed it:)

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