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Sunday 24 September 2017

Makeup Remover Oil Cleanser Dupe

Makeup Remover Oil Cleanser Dupe
Makeup Remover Oil Cleanser

You are a fan of remove your makeup by oil? This is a very popular method which also I am a lover.
 I always used L'Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil Facial Cleansing Oil before, but I discovered a lot cheaper dupe. 
If you are interesting necessarily check out this post 👍

loreal dupe

I have finished all the make-up removal products so it was a good opportunity to test something new. I usually use oil from the L'Oreal which cost around £8 but I found its perfect dupe. I love using oils because I have the impression that the skin under the eyes is less rubbed which prevents wrinkles. 
Nspa Deep Cleansing Facial Oil which I found in Asda, cost only £4 and it is absolutely amazing ! 💖💙 
Wonderfully clean all makeup even waterproof mascara, has a very pleasant smell and doesn't leave a feeling of hazy eyes what I had with other oils😮 Perfect for me, I think I will try some other cosmetics of this brand. 

You've already tried oil from Nspa?
 I hope this post was useful to you😚
Have a nice weekend !

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