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Saturday 23 September 2017

10 Rules That Will Help You To Save Money On Cosmetics

I am convinced that everyone of us spend a lot of money on cosmetics. But how simply save to buy more? These ten rules can help you to achieve it ! 😊

1. Buy only what you need.
2 .Find the cheaper dupes.
3. Buy only recommended, appropriate for your needs cosmetics. Check reviews, destination, etc.
4. Don't buy everything what is trendy. Fashion changes all the time and we lose money only.
5. Participate in contests, giveaways.
6. Don't buy under the influence of emotions but more consciously.
7. Compare prices between shops, looking for better price and promotion.
8. Share promos with your sister or friends. If we can't buy it ourselves, for example 3 for 2 etc.
9.Apply only as much as you need without wasting your product. You'll sooner finish you'll sooner have to buy a new one.
10. If you don't use cosmetics sell it or exchange with someone. Thanks to this you can have something new.


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