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Tuesday 10 October 2017

Cheap False Eyelashes Vs Expensive

Cheap False Eyelashes Vs Expensive

You already use or want to start using false eyelashes
 but you don't know which ones pick ? This post will help you make a decision😊


Better quality eyelashes  apply much easier because they are more flexible. They adapt to the shape of our eye.


In both higher and lower price we can find lots of models through 
very dramatic, spectacular by daily, less visible. The only thing I can faulted this cheaper ones is a fact that the material from which they made are more emphasizes the differences of a single false eyelash between the natural.


Cheapest eyelashes are much less comfortable to wear because their strap is stiff and can cause a feeling of twinge and irritation.


In both cases I recommend colorless glue, especially for less experienced people because with using dark one during  the wrong applications we can leave patches and ruin whole makeup.

primark false lashes
Primark £1 Sultry Acrylates

Eylure Cheryl oh my goddess £6 Handmade Material: Cotton,Polyester

To summarize for people who just start with a false lashes application, I would advise a little more expensive like e.g. Ardell for around £5 which are much easier apply and more comfortable than that for £1. If you already have experience and you use them very often that cheaper seems a cool solution to save extra money.

I hope the post was useful to you:)
Have a nice weekend😗❤

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