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Thursday 12 October 2017

Top 5 Face Brushes

Top 5 Face Brushes

Recently appeared on the blog post with my favorite eyeshadow brushes, that's why I decided share with you also my fav to face. I hope this post will be helpful for you😏

1. Hakuro H51
Hakuro review

Flatt top intended for overlaying foundation. Made of synthetic bristle. I had a lot of brushes of this type and none of them worked so well. It is pleasant for the face, easy at work and spread the foundation perfectly without any smudge or stains. Costs £9

2. Zoeva 127 Luxe Cheek Brush
Luxe Cheek Brush

Perfect bronze brush. Made of natural goat hairs which are extremely soft. It can create a more visible effect but can also perfectly blended for a more gentle face tan. Costs £13

3. Morphe E8

morpge brush review

Made of synthetic bristle which is not so soft but still doesn't cause discomfortIt's quite big therefore works best to apply the highlighters. If you are looking for something like this, I truly recommend. Costs £6 

4. Pretty Pink Make-up Brush

Pretty Pink

Very nice brush to apply the powder, bronzer or blush. Made of synthetic bristle. I got him in the set from my fiance 5 years ago and I still like to use it. It has very nice, soft hair of good quality. Set costs £11.99

5. Sponge 
sponge gabka

I know it's not a brush but  we use it to apply foundation on the face so fits perfectly into this category. Practically everyone has tried the beautyblender sponge because it gives a natural look, is easy to use and gives smooth, flawless glow. Another positive is the fact that  almost no one wash the brush after every use so the sponge is more hygienic because you have to wash and soak every time, what keeps your skin in a better condition

And what are your favorite brushes?👇
Maybe I tempted you to buy one of the models? Regards💗

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