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Saturday 14 October 2017


sunburn cream

Looking for a cosmetic that will perfectly fit in your first aid kit because it helps cure most problems in your whole family. Especially if you are mom this product will make your life easier.

This is not a normal cream it's really a miracle ! It has a wide range of applications such as fight with eczema, bed sores, sunburn, acne, surface wounds, cuts and minor burns. This is an antiseptic healing cream which in its white color and consistency resembles paste. Just apply  a thin layer in a problematic place and wait a moment for a significant relief in itching. I do not recommend using it in the visible, not covered by clothes place when we have a scheduled meeting, go out with friends because leaves skin white until to wash.

sudocrem review

This is a fully safe ointment which I used even at my dog's. If only something bites her or have irritated skin, I applying a thin layer and she stops scratching. It is also intended to fight with nappy rash and burns that's why it works great for children. 
You can get it in Lidl, larger supermarkets or pharmacies.
 Such a cosmetic is a must have in every home! 😍😍

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