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Monday 16 October 2017

Zoeva Rose Golden Palette Review & Swatches

Zoeva Rose Golden Palette Review & Swatches
Zoeva Rose Golden Palette

I have been thinking about buying a Zoeva brand palette for a very long time. I couldn't decide which one to choose.😊 Finally I decided on Rose Golden and today I will share with you my opinion about this palette.
 Let's get started!

Contains 10 eyeshadows <everyone has 1.5 gr > in the main shades rose, gold as the name implies. Only 3 have a matte finish, the rest is metallic. Zoeva pallets are very affordable because they cost only £18 .

Zoeva Rose Golden Palette Review & Swatches

They are really pigmented and have very soft, ,,buttery'' texture in touch. Much more metallic eyeshadows will be visible if you apply them wet

Very easy to blending  without fallout even for a person without experience, it doesn't make patches. Some colors only look very similar on the eye as ,,Reflecitve Elegance'' and ,,Copper is King''

Can stay without correction 9h based on concealer, after this time slightly start to roll 

Because many of the shadows are similar to each other, we can't create many different make-ups by using only this palette. This is a good palette, but certainly for someone who has in his collection others palettes or eyeshadows in different colors such as purple, browns or green, in combination with such colors, these metallic shades would look stunningly.

                                                         Swatches without a base!
Zoeva Palette

Zoeva Rose Golden Palette

In summary, it is an inexpensive pallet of very good quality.😊 The only downside is the fact that the shadows look very similar, if they were more different would  be much more useful and iinspiring to create original make-up looks. However, I still recommend it and I'm waiting for new palettes😍

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