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Wednesday 15 November 2017

Mac Prep + Prime Fix+

Mac Prep + Prime Fix+
mac mist

This  facial mist for the long time I wanted to have because of a positive opinions on the internet. I had great expectations but did Mac fulfill them?

From Producer
The MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ is a refreshing facial mist that can be used to instantly boost hydration or as the perfect finishing touch over makeup.
Formulated with a soothing botanical blend of Green Tea, Chamomile and Cucumber, the water-based spray infuses skin with a cocktail of vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients, helping to soften and condition while neutralising free radicals and combating environmental aggressors.
Spritz onto bare skin as a primer for a smooth, soft base, or after makeup application to set and perfect. Suitable for all skin types, the complexion is left feeling immediately revitalised and replenished with a healthy looking sheen.

My Opinion

I got this fixer from my fiancée as a gift and to be honest I'm a little disappointed... Theoretically, it is a cosmetic that does not do such miracles in makeup but naively I thought that for £ 18 will be a  madness. Its main task is to merger all layers of makeup and it actually does, however like any other product of this type. Many people praise its moisturizing properties which I personally didn't notice and I use it before and after makeup. 

Mac the most iconic setting spray

Huge minus in my opinion  because of the packaging, this quite innovative way of spraying drives me crazy😠. Every time I twist in the wrong direction almost unscrewing the bottle. Do you also have this problem? I prefer the standard spray, definitely ! Fix+ absorbed very quickly, doesn't leave marks on the skin and is odorless. This is undoubtedly a good fixer but for this price I expected more and practically is not different from Essence< Only that it smells of talc>. 

Will I buy it again? Rather, I prefer to try something else.
And what is your opinion about the legendary Fix +?

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