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Saturday 20 January 2018

Elizabeth Arden The World Of Color Palette Swatches & Review

Elizabeth Arden The World Of Color Palette
The World Of Color make up gift set.

The Elizabeth Arden brand so far has been known to me only from skin care products,so I'm glad that I can finally test the quality of makeup cosmetics. Today's post will be about the eyeshadow palette that was in the set of The World Of Color make up gift set. 

The packaging is made of black plastic of good quality which looks like a compact powder. I like the entire design with the mirror and it seems to be handy and practical. The palette contains 16 shadows, of which 2 are matte rest are pearls. Eyeshadows are in two sizes very small and a little larger. As I mentioned earlier, the palette is part of the set of the world of color make up gift set that cost £ 56. 

Elizabeth Arden The World Of Color Palette Swatches & Review

I must admit that this palette is poorly pigmented, only literally 4 shadows are quite good. Pearl eye shadows remind me of those you can buy for £ 1 in Poundland. You need to apply several layers on your eyelid to get an intense color. 

Blend well but disappear on the eyelid and you have to add color several times. Shades don't create any transition, they only merge into one color.

Can stay without correction even 9h based on concealer, after this time slightly start to roll but not terribly

This is in my opinion a little thought out palette because it contains 16 shades, but we are not able to create many different make-ups because it's hard to combine them. Definitely doesn't contain enough matte finishes to build eyelid, transition, etc. Make-up made by only pearl eyeshadows looks cheesy, not modern at all. As for me, the company Elizabeth Arden wanted too much colors include in one palette purples, gold, green, blue instead of focusing on one color tone that would complement each other.

Swatches without a base!
Elizabeth Arden eyeshadow swatches

Elizabeth Arden eyeshadow swatches

In summary, unfortunately I can't recommend this palette because it is very poorly pigmented, the shadows have poor quality and these pearly finish ... A decidedly pearly finish like the 90's doesn't fit to the current trends and expectations of a potential buyer. If exchange them for foil or metallic shadows it would be a shot in 10. I will certainly reach for this palette occasionally and if you wanted to buy this set mainly because of
 this palette, I sincerely advise against.

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