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Friday 19 January 2018

Good Cheap Powder Brush

Good Cheap Powder Brush
Powder Brush

Are you looking for a cheap, high-quality powder brush that doesn't look cheap?
 If yes, this is a post for you. I invite you to read. 

Some time ago I was looking for a fluffy, soft brush to powder. I am not a person who uses powder every day or I just use a loose powder which I prefer to apply by a sponge, so I don't need an expensive brush. When I was shopping in Wilko, I found brushes signed with their own brand which costs only £ 5.00. It is made of 100% synthetic bristles which is extremely soft and pleasant for the skin. 

Good Cheap Powder Brush

I am also a big fan of his appearance because the golden ferrule and beige handle with an unusual shape looks very elegant and certainly no one will think that is a brush for £ 5.00.

Good Cheap Powder Brush

 The powder is applied very evenly, easy, so for me great. I used it and cleaned it repeatedly and nothing really broke or damaged, so quality is a revelation. It is certainly much more accessible than brushes from China, aliexpress, etc because Wilko's stationary stores are really lot in England. 
With a clear conscience I recommend this brushes for everyone because it is a great quality product for a small price.

cheap face good brush

Do you have  some good cheap brushes to recommend?
What do you think of the Wilkos Brush Range?
I hope that the post was helpful for you😘👍

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