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Thursday 1 February 2018

Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer Review

Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer
Makeup Revolution Concealer

About this concealer has been very loud lately due to its low price, a wide range of colors and the bloggers who called him a replacement for the iconic Tarte Shape Tape. 
Let's check if is really such a phenomenon.

The concealer was produced by the Makeup Revolution company which recently conquers the cosmetics market and releases a lot of new products. I must admit that they amaze me with this speed, practically every month they have new products in their assortment like eyeshadow palettes, highlighters, brushes, now a concealer.  I have the impression that other drugstore brands stand in the one place or have new products once a year or when the season changes. 

Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer applicator

Mur Concealer

As befits the MUR brand the concealer costs only £ 4 for 3.4ml, so great! It's available in 18 shades so regardless of the color of the skin, everyone will find something for themselves. Do you have it too, when the cosmetic is available in a few shades it takes longer to buy because you can't make a decision which to pickWhen I have to choose only from light, medium or dark I know that I have to buy light hehe, but from among 16 shades I wonderwonder  and I still don't know.

Let's finally jump to how it looks on the face

✅The skin looks fresh, naturally
✅Medium coverage
✅Applied in a reasonable amount, it looks lightly under the eyes
✅A wide range of colors
✅It doesn't dry out the skin
✅Gently enters to the lines of wrinkles after a few hours
✅It works perfectly under the eyes

⛔A huge applicator that is not very precise
⛔Doesn't work as a base for eyeshadows < I tried to use it as a base for the Iconic Division Palette but the shadows lost on pigmentation and made patches where with the concealer from Collection it didn't happen >
⛔It works better under the eyes than to coverage imperfections on the face because they are still slightly visible

Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer swatch c3

Revolution concealers swatches

revolution f6 c3 f4 swatches

To sum up, is it worth the whole hype that is currently happening around him? Honestly, yes, because there is not much sensational concealers in such a price point. Probably if its price was higher for example £10 nobody would be so impressed. 
Is it as good as Tarte Shape Tape, I don't know because I never had it, but it's definitely better than Maybelline Eraser Eye which was my favorite in 2017. Compared to each other this two, I can say that MUR has a delicately larger coverage and different applicator. The cosmetic itself looks very similar on the skin. I recommend that you try this Conceal and Define Concealer.

Have you tried this concealer?👇😎

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