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Friday, 2 February 2018

Makeup Geek Eyeshadows / 7 New Shades

Makeup Geek Eyeshadows  / 7 New Shades

When I checking Valentine's sales at online stores I discovered a promotion of 3 for 2 on any Makeup Geek cosmetics , of course I had to buy something. In my collection I have already 28 shades,so this time I only bought 6 because I didn't need anymore and there was nothing even interesting. I have to admit that cosmetics of this brand are very rarely on sale and I have impression that prices increase every year, so is worth buying cheaper when it is possible.

My new shades are:

High Wire Foiled Eyeshadow

MUG High wire

MUG High wire swatch

Pillow Talk 

MUG Pillow Talk

MUG Pillow Talk

Dirty Martini

MUG Dirty Martini

MUG Dirty Martini SWATCH

High Tea

Mug  High Tea

Mug  High Tea swatch

Secret Garden Duochrome Eyeshadow

MUG Secret Garden Duochrome

MUG Secret Garden Duochrome SWATCH

Voltage Duochrome Eyeshadow

Mug Voltage Duochrome

Mug Voltage Duochrome swatch

Some time ago I bought a shade Fuji but I forgot to add pictures😖

Mug Fuji

Mug Fuji swatch

Swatches without a base!


My favorite will certainly be Pillow Talk and I think that 
during the weekend I will make some makeup with him because it's wonderful. 
If you want see make-up with a specific color, please let me know.

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