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Thursday 15 February 2018

Makeup Revolution Highlighters Review

Makeup Revolution Highlighters Review
Mur Highlighter

Which of us does not love the glow? Today I will tell you a little about my impression of our favorite cosmetics that we put on the face about highlighters.
Some time ago you could see in a haul from the Superdrug that I bought two Makeup Revolution brand highlighters, it's time to issue a verdict are they worth recommending.

For the past few years, the trend of illumination was permanently entered into the world of visage. Women apply him not only on the zygomatic bones but also to emphasize the arches of cupid, nose, under the eyebrow arch, on body and in many other places.
Of course, there are a lot of them available on the market in various price ranges, finishes and shades. In this post we'll look at very cheap highlighters from Makeup Revolution  brand  which cost  £3.00  for 7.5g Vivid Baked Highlighter and Pro Illuminate  £4.00 for 15g.
They are, of course placed in a plastic packaging that looks a little shoddily but for that price we can't expect chic design. 

mur Highlighters  swatches

Vivid Baked Highlighter Peach Lights
Vivid Baked Highlighter Peach Lights

It's a highlighter in peach pink tones, to which I wasn't convinced at first, but in time I start loved. It gives a beautiful, elegant glow on the cheeks, thanks to which the skin looks healthy and fresh. I like very much that it doesn't contain disgusting glitter particles like many others in this price point. Certainly this isn't a highlighter that will give us the effect of an ice sheet on the skin only a more subtle, gentle glow. 
This is a wonderful cosmetic for everyday makeup, when you don't want to overdo or have a heavy makeup. Certainly will work for girls with brighter skins, with olive skin can cut off too much. It's also great to illuminate the inner corner of the eye, I often use it in this way. The most beautiful effect gives with brush like a Morphe M441. It stays with no corrections all day.

Vivid Baked Highlighter Peach Lights swatch

Pro Illuminate
Pro Illuminate

The first thing I thought when I saw this highlighter is how huge it's! Has 15g, I suspect that I will never  finished it and probably no one is able to. For many people is compared to The Balm Marry but I do n't have it in my collection, so I can't express my opinion either. It has a wonderful warm gold color that looks beautiful especially on tanned skin. Just as in the previous case, it gives a rather delicate glow than a mirror sheet and you have to choose the right brush to bring out its pigmentation. It looks very pretty on the skin, certainly not as a cosmetic for £4.00.

Pro Illuminate swatch

In summary, I can say with all confidence that these are awsome highlighters at a funny price. If I had to choose just one, I would pick a more peach one because of the color and I have the impression that is more visible on the cheeks. Certainly this is option more on a daily basis because they don't do this wow effect but more gently, thanks to which makeup takes on lightness and healthy glow.

Do you used these highlighters?
Maybe you have some MUR cosmetics to recommend?👇😊

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