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Tuesday 13 February 2018

Primark Ps...Pro Brush

Primark Ps...Pro Brush
primark brush

I love discover a good price and quality cosmetics or brushes, which are worth recommending. Today's post is about such a brush with a very unusual shape.
I invite you to read😍

Some time ago I noticed this brushes at the cash register in Primark. After price reduction  from £2 it cost  £1, so I found that I am not risking anything by buying it.
The brush is of course inspired on the iconic Artis Oval 7 that was very popular in the world of beauty two years ago.  

primark Pro Brush

Appearance doesn't resemble a traditional brush but more a hairbrush or for a horse, that's why I bought it, to find out are this invention works. It's made of synthetic hair which are extremely soft and there is really a lot of them in this brush. The handle is of course made of plastic which seems to be quite good quality. Literally the same brushes I once saw in the Inglot and Golden Rose offer of course only with the other manufacturer's logo on the handle and higher price, so I suspect that they are made in the same factory.

Pro Brush

As for the brush itself, to my surprise, the foundation is applied very evenly, quickly without any problems. It's also good to contouring face,seems multi-functional for me. 
I have been cleaning it many times and nothing has been damaged, peel off too, the quality of workmanship is cool. I think that for the price of £1 is worth to try, to be honest I would paid even more for it because it's so incredibly soft for the face.
I recommend, you certainly will not regret it.

Have you ever tried cosmetics or tools from Primark?
See you!💗💔

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