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Monday 5 February 2018

Makeup Revolution Ultra Bronze

Makeup Revolution Ultra Bronze 
mur  Ultra Bronze

Are you looking for the perfect bronzer that will not look orange or dirty?
 I have something like this today at a very low price and huge capacity.
I invite you to read the post😙

Bronzer which I discovered by accident, I realized that if I have a highlighter and blush from this company  why not try the brozner?. It costs only £3.00 for 15g, so a great deal and is available only in one color. At the beginning I was skeptical but I fell in love after the first use. It has a wonderful brown shade without luminous particles, which we can perfectly warm our skin without the orange effect on the cheeks. I think that to the contouring of the face will not be suitable because it has a too warm tones. Another advantage is the fact that you can't overdo with it, even when we add more and more, you can easily blend without leaving a stain on the cheek. 

mur ultra brozner swatch

This will be a sensational option for all who often overdo with the bronzer or are just learning its application. Due to the fact that its shade on the skin is quite subtle and can't be built it will certainly be more suitable for pale skin. This is a great cosmetic at a wonderfully low price, it's worth buying  and enjoying perfectly tanned cheeks.

the best neutral revolution bronzer

 I must admit that MUR really surprised me with the quality of their cosmetics, please let me know  what else is worth buying from them if you have something to recommend.👇😏

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