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Saturday 3 February 2018

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream Review

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream
MISSHA Perfect Cover BB Cream

I love Korean BB creams that's why Missha has been on my wishlist for a long time. When  I was shopping at one of the online drug stores, I saw that they have available these creams 20ml at a price of £6.90 so I put in the basket without hesitation. Let's find out if it's just as good as Dr. G 

From Producer

This Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream is possible one of the most popular BB creams in South Korea! The BB cream provides medium coverage that effectively disguises any blemises, evens out skin tone and provides anti-ageing and brightening effects. As it also contains SPF (42 PA+++), this multi-purpose product is a must for any make up bag!

Comparable Mac Foundation Shade References: 

#21 Light Beige - NC15 
#23 Natural Beige - NC 20

Missha  Perfect Cover BB

My Opinion

My skin is: Combination, Irritate,  Spider veins, Dry cheeks, Oily T zone

Missha BB cream I will be reviewed in two ways as bb cream and primer. Certainly for many of you this can be more helpful and will fully reveal its properties.

As BB Cream

✅It has a nice smell
✅It smoothes the skin
✅Two capacities available
✅Different color variants
✅Convenient packaging, you can squeeze to the end without wasting the product
✅A light formula

⛔Coverage is almost zero
⛔Shines on the skin but in the wrong way, looks more like sweat
⛔Holds intact 2h, later wipe off from the chin and nose
⛔After a few hours looks unfavorable
⛔Uncomfortable - It gives a feeling of sticky, glued skin

Summary : 2 / 6

It's definitely a BB cream for people with practically perfect skin, because it can't hide anything. It has a very glow finish so it will be suitable for dry skin which will provide a healthy glow and a sense of hydration. Oily, combination and problematic skins should stay away from him because they will not be happy with the effect. For me it has definitely more disadvantages than advantages and looks like I have not washed my face after night and this feeling of sticky skin bryy😠.  I certainly will not use it as a stand-alone BB cream.

missha light beige 21

As Primer 

✅The foundation sensationally sticks to it
✅It gives a healthy glow
✅Two capacities available
✅It has a nice smell
✅Thanks to him the foundation doesn't wipe off
✅It smoothes the skin, it is delicate to the touch like in a baby
✅Convenient packaging, you can squeeze to the end without wasting the product

Missha shades

Summary : 5 / 6

This BB cream is ideal as a base for foundation. Thanks to the sticky texture, the foundation perfectly "sticks" to the skin and is therefore more durable. Its luminosity subtly shines through so that the skin looks healthy, radiates such a girlish glow. In my opinion, this is a great alternative to typical primers, because for 20ml we pay 6.40 where traditional ones are more expensive. Sensitive moisturizes and smoothes the skin and at the same time provides protection against sunlight. As a bb cream for me unfavorite but as a primer great.

Have you tried Missha  Perfect Cover?
And how you use it?

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