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Sunday 4 March 2018

Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence Review

Benton  Snail Bee High Content Essence Review
Benton Essence Review

Today I will tell you a little about the serum containing snail mucin and bee venom from Benton. My sister recommended my itand that's why I bought this essence  because I honestly didn't hear about this brand before. I strongly encourage you to read my review.

Benton is a South Korean brand which in its assortment contains many skin care cosmetics with natural ingredients. The product is intended for all skin types, especially for the sensitive and problematic. Instead of water, the base is a snail slime filtrate. High content essence contains bee venom, EGF (epidermal growth factor) and various botanical components to improve the condition of rough and damaged skin affected by stress and environmental pollution. In addition to caring for problematic skin, this universal serum provides a cooling effect, moisturizing and improving skin tone. Ingredients such as arbutin and adenosine help to lighten the skin and remove wrinkles.
Costs about £ 24, but I found an online drugstore in where is currently sold for £7.90, I encourage you to take advantage of this offer.

Benton  Snail Bee High Content

The serum has the consistency of a colorless gel that absorbs the skin very quickly without leaving a greasy film. The smell is quite specific like expired aloe vera which for many people may not be pleasant.
It includes a pump thanks to you can comfortabley dosed without wasting product, in my opinion this is the most convenient packaging system.

Benton Essence consistency

As for the way of working itself, I must admit that for the first time I have seen improvement after the first use. My skin after waking up is incredibly soft, moisturized and smooth to the touch. I also noticed that this Snail Bee High Content Essence sensationally calms, soothes pimples so they disappear faster and there are not too many new ones.

benton skin care

Never before has any beauty care product so impressed me and probably more often I have to listen my older sister, hehe😁😄. I highly recommend the Benton serum because it sensationally cares for the skin. I'm sure you will not regret it.

Do you know cosmetics  from Benton brand?
What do you think about using slime from a snail?😮
Have a nice weekend 💝💜

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