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Friday 2 March 2018

Nyx Pigments & Glitter Review

Nyx Pigments & Glitter Review
Nyx Pigments swatches

As probably most of us I love the sparkles on the eye, so brocades and pigments are my best friends. 
They can transform even the most ordinary makeup into a work of art. Today I have prepared for you a review of Nyx pigments and one glitter that I have. I cordially invite you❤

Nyx pigments are enclosed in a 2.5g plastic vial. Both brocades and pigments cost £5.50 a piece and I would say that comparing them to for example Mac they are in the middle price range. We can get them in various color combinations so everyone will find something for themselves. Their huge downside is in my opinion a sieve in the middle, through which the cosmetic comes out very faintly what makes me furious. 

In my small collection so far I have 3 pigments and one glitter. I know that maybe for some of you it's not too much, but I want to first finish the cosmetics I currently own before I buy something new. Both types give the makeup something that makes it become very unique, arousing admiration. 

What is the difference between glitter and pigment? The basic difference is grinding and structure. The glitter has much larger particles, which makes it more visible and palpable, wherein the pigment has the consistency of eye shadow but in powder. Personally, I prefer pigments for their subtlety and some kind of unobtrusive glow but I have the impression that brocades have more interesting color mixtures, e.g. Crystal looks amazing. 

This is how the colors I have looks like

Froyo PIG 09

Pigment in baby pink colour
nyx Froyo pigment

nyx Froyo pigment swatch

Vegas Baby PIG 20

Pigment in nude color with gold silver glow
nyx Vegas Baby pigment

nyx Vegas Baby pigment swatch

Brighten Up PIG 07

Pigment in gold color with green reflections
nyx Brighten Up  pigment

nyx Brighten Up  pigment swatch

Gold GLI 05

Glitter in yellow gold colour
nyx Gold  glitter

nyx Gold  glitter swatch

My favorite among them is definitely the Vegas baby which impressed me with its originality. It works perfectly for occasional makeup, for example a wedding party as well as for less formal events or a date. If you are wondering whether it's worth buying one of the Nyx glitters or pigments, I can definitely recommend them. They are easy to apply and you can simply achive a spectacular effect by using them. Only their price could be slightly lower and a better quality strainer inside.
If you are interested about the way of application and more details, I refer you to my previous post

Do you prefer pigments or glitter?
You also have snow outside the window?⛄😏:D

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