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Saturday 24 March 2018

Dior Long Wear Nail Lacquer Dior Vernis 💅

Dior Long Wear Nail Lacquer Dior Vernis 💅
Dior Vernis

With the review of this nail polish, unfortunately I had to wait a long time because on a daily basis I can't have painted nails at work and do it only for the weekend doesn't make sense to me. Last week I was on holiday and finally I had the opportunity to try it.

Dior is I don't hide one of my favorite selective brand. I received this nail polish  from my fiancé as a gift, I would probably prefer to invest in a highlighter or lip gloss but I'm happy that I have it. Of course, doesn't belong to the cheapest one because for 10 ml we have to pay  £20 so a lot. It's closed in solid glass packaging with a silver ferrule that looks very elegant and chic, I really like this design. The ferrule can be pulled out to hold the brush in your hand more stably or precisely.

Dior Vernis rogue 999

It has a beautiful blood red color that is perfect for both hands and legs. I really like that it dries very quickly and gives a beautiful shine. Quite stinks like acetone which can certainly disturb many of you. It has a nice comfortable, fairly wide applicator which is very easy to use. One layer is enough to achieve a evenly and satisfactory effect.

As I mentioned earlier, I can't use nail polish in the work week,  so I used it during holidays and I have to admit he had a difficult challenge:D
I am aware that I didn't save him and didn't care about my nails very much, I was more focused on the place where I am. In my opinion, as for standard nail polish it stayed very long.
For the first few days looked perfect while around fifth started to be less aesthetic. As for the so expensive product I don't know if this is a good result, judge for yourself.

dior rouge 999 swatch
One Layer

dior rouge 999 swatch
Two Layers

Personally I was very happy of him but if I have to be honest  I wouldn't spend so much money on nail polish.    I would prefer to invest in skin care or a new eyeshadow palette, something with which quality goes hand in hand with price.

And what do you think about nail polish in this price?
As for me, madness😁😤

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