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Monday 26 March 2018

March Non-cosmetic Favorites

March Non-cosmetic Favorites

In this post we will talk about all the things that I liked and which inspired me in the previous month, except cosmetics. I invite you to read. 😙

Kurt Geiger  Catherine Sunglasses
Until now, I always wore the cheapest glasses from the bazaar which don't kid ourselves
don't have some excellent sunscreen properties. So I decided to invest in some more expensive and see if there will be a diametrical difference and definitely was ! The eyes were not tired, with the strong sun it was possible to look forward without eye browsing - that's all I wanted. Definitely the cheaper ones didn't give such a sense of comfort. In the summer, I will definitely buy another a classic black pair.


Fuerteventura holiday

Two weeks ago, I was with my fiancé on a week's leave in Fuerteventura. It is a Spanish island. I must admit that it was perfect! Beautiful weather, delicious food and breathtaking views. Both mountain and water enthusiasts will find themselves there. It is very often visited by tourists due to warm weather practically throughout the year. I was very surprised that all the museums, etc. were free which not happened so far never before and relatively low prices for souvenirs, cosmetics and drinks. I highly recommend and I think the pictures will best describe how beautiful it is.

Movie La ragazza nella nebbia  
I'm sorry but I can not find an English translation and a trailer:(

A very good movie for all fans of thrillers who like the sudden turn of the action and feel surprised. If you have watched the Shutter Island and you been impressed at some point what is happening here wtf, it's the same in this production. I have not watched such a good movie for a long time!

Raspberry syrup

After all inclusive holidays I decided to drop some kilograms and as we all know, drinking water makes it easier for us. I am a person who likes changes, I don't like to eat or drink the same thing all the time because I feel bored. The ideal solution is therefore to buy such a syrup. As soon as I want something more sweet or flavored, I mixing it with water and my needs are fully satisfied.

Black Leggings

For a long time I have been looking for good quality leggings that will not destroy quickly, see-through and will not have zippers at the legs because in winter they are not comfortable when we want to put on booties or boots. I bought them by accident during shopping in Matalan because I needed leggings on my holiday. I decided that it will be the most comfortable option and takes up the least space when it will be chilly, so I took the first one. They turned out to be just what I was looking for, I love them. They cost £12. It's a really good price for such a quality.

I also have two songs which I listened to very often in March in particular in the car💃💃

And what are yours non-cosmetic favorites?
Have a nice week

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