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Wednesday 28 March 2018

Maybelline Fit Me ! Concealer

Maybelline Fit Me ! Concealer
Maybelline  Concealer

Recently appeared on the blog a review of the Superstay 24 Hour and because there was a promotion 2 product for half the price on the entire Maybelline brand I decided to test the concealer from a series that I used foundation long time ago. 
If you are interested what I think it's hit or miss, I invite you to a review.

Fit Me Concealer from Maybelline it is nothing new, seems to me that it has been on the market for a long time but so far I never had the opportunity to use it.
I heard a lot of good about him, among other  that beautifully illuminates the surface under the eye, has good coverage and is the perfect dupe of the iconic Nars Radiant Creamy, so I was enthusiastic and I had to have it.
In the regular price it costs £5.99 for 6.8ml so the price encourage to buy:D.

Maybelline Fit Me review

It has a very comfortable slim plastic packaging that I like very much because it doesn't take up a lot of space, such as a MUR Conceal And Define that is low but wide. In the middle there is a narrow applicator - easy to use and suitable for precise work.
Has a light creamy consistency which doesn't set. I would describe the Fit Me finish as brightening satin and coverage as a light.
Available in 11 shades but unfortunately a small selection for people with fair skin.

Maybelline Concealer rewiev

The shade 20 Sand which one I chose is very yellow even now, when I have tanned skin it doesn't look very good. A bit like I had jaundice which is very surprising because I have a really yellow skin tone. Of course, I could buy a different shade but I don't like what effect it gives, so I will pass. Applies very easily by using the Beauty blender. However, its biggest downside is the terrible getting into all lines or wrinkles, crease.
I tried to use it in different ways: not powder, powdered by RCMA which one I use usually under the eyes and I know that I can trust him or more lightweight like Mac Blot and none of this methods worked, always was the same result. I would say that it looks unfavorable already 30 minutes after application. The skin seems to be much older than it is, tired and the makeup not fresh. I do not know what's going on but in recent times, everything that I reach from Maybelline somehow doesn't make a good impression on me. As for now, I can only recommend Eraser Eye from them.

Maybelline shade sand 20

Maybelline color shades swatches

Let me know if you've used this concealer 
and what you think about it?

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