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Tuesday 3 April 2018

Bania Agafii Face Masks

Bania Agafii Face Masks
bania agafia review

I bought the first mask of this company a long time ago and  later I pick a few more, so I tested them really well and I would like to share my opinion with you.

Bania Agafia is seems to me a Russian brand that offers cosmetics with natural ingredients at good prices. You can buy them at online drugstores or on eBay. The masks have a convenient package in the form of a sachet from which you can easily squeezes the product without unnecessary mess.

Currently in my collection I have:

Bania Agafii Face Mask Rejuvenation
Bania Agafia Face Mask Rejuvenation

It's a mask based on milk of elk that moisturizes the skin very well and leaves soft. I use it once a week because recently I have stopped to struggle with dry skin, so I doesn't need a more often application. It costs around £3.50 for 100 ml and despite a fairly watery consistency is very efficient. The only thing that bothers me is the smell. It reminds me of the smell of boiled rice combined with soured milk so it's rather unpleasant and not relaxing. Of course, despite the name on the mask it doesn't make to us botox but more moisturizes, so the skin is more well groomed and looks healthier and younger.

bania agafii mask

Bania Agafii Face Mask Cleansing

Bania Agafia  Cleansing Mask

This is my absolute must have! As soon as I don't use it for some time, I immediately see deterioration of my skin condition. Thanks to the content of blue clay and cotton water, it gently cleans and pulls out the enlarged pores and mattes the skin. I have to agree with the manufacturer's description because it really works like that. Has a very pleasant fresh scent and a comfortable creamy consistency. As for me, this is a wonderful mask with a good ingredients which I highly recommend. Try it be yourself because it doesn't cost  a lot and gives a great effect.

Bania Agafii Calming Purifying Face Mask

Bania Agafia Calming Mask

Of these three masks I use this one the most rarely and honestly, in my opinion is quite average. Her job is ''The birch tar as a natural antiseptic normalizes the water and fat balance of the skin, the organic sage extract and the Altaic honey tone and improve the elasticity of the skin. The rap salt cleanses and opens the pores,, which I didn't noticed at the moment. It has a much more thick paste consistency and a strong anisic smell.

bania agafii

Have you ever tried the cosmetics from this brand?
See you😍

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