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Saturday 14 April 2018

Kiko Glow Fusion Highlighter Review

Kiko Glow Fusion Highlighter Review
Kiko milano Glow Fusion Highlighter Review

For some time I've been crazy about the highlighter that's why I look through a lot of shop offers in search of the perfect one. Let's find out whether I finally found a cosmetic with the finish and effect I desperately want.

Kiko Milano Highlighter review

Kiko Milano is an Italian brand about I often hear on the internet but somehow I haven't had the opportunity to test anything. It seems to me that this is due to the small number of stationary stores in England and that's why you're forced to buy online what not everyone likes. In their assortment they have a range of cosmetics for make-up, skincare and accessories. On the website you can often find the promotion like 3 for 2 or £ 5 less etc.

Kiko milano Highlighter review

The highlighter is enclosed in a silver metallic packaging that looks mega exclusive. I was only expecting that it will be a little bit bigger, but on the one hand it is a kind of cosmetic that we finish very slowly and lasts forever. For 5g of the product we have to pay GBP 9.90 so is not a super cheap. Available in four color options even purple.

Kiko Milano Glow Fusion Highlighter

kiko glow fusion heavenly gold

kiko makeup revolution swatch

Honestly, I thought that the shade 02 Heavenly Gold will be more peachy but has more golden tones. It seems to me that for paler skin it may turn out be too dark but I mean here  proper alabaster. Stays many hours in the same condition as immediately after application. Perfectly combines with the skin and other cosmetics like powder, blush etc. 
Beautifully blends without creating any cut-off and visible line. Unfortunately, it doesn't give for me enough radiance, I was counting more on sheet of ice than a brocade finish. Gives  a very subtle, daylight glow which is not as intense and visible as if I wanted. I will not buy this highlighter again. I am very tempted by Dior Holo Pink Luminizer but £41 is definitely too high price for a single highlighter, do you think the same?

I'm sorry that I haven't been here for the last week but unfortunately I was sick and finally I can go back to writing a blog.😊 I hope that you all feel good and you missed me😗 

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