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Friday 20 April 2018

Revolution Pro Eyeshadow Pressed Glitters

Revolution Pro Eyeshadow Pressed Glitters
Revolution Pro Pressed Glitters

During shopping on Easter sales, I saw a single eyeshadows from Revolution Pro in spectacular shades and with brocade finish. If you are interested in whether they are as good quality as the Reloaded palettes, please check the rest of the review.

Revolution Pro is another group of the Makeup Revolution brand which is directed to professionals and make-up artists, so these cosmetics are supposed to have better quality. Personally, I'm starting to get lost in all of it Mur, Revolution, Pro Revolution, I heart makeup, etc. This is definitely too much, don't you think??
 For me, all of these brands are just Revolution; d.

Pressed Glitters review

Pressed glitters in single pans are their newly released products that immediately caught my attention.Currently available in only two versions Glisten Here and Glisten Up in which there are 5 shades. Such a set is a nice idea, but what if only one of our favorite shade ends? However, I think that retail sales would be more functional than the whole set. 
They costs £ 6.00 so £ 1.20 for one shade. As you can see the Revolution brand can produce a fashionable, good cosmetic at a low price.

Revolution Pro Eyeshadow Pressed Glitters review

Applied in the correct way, they give the same shine and effect as in the packaging.

These are pressed glitters, so definitely they should be applied on some glitter glue or primer to stick to the eyelid. They have a delicate buttery consistency, so they are easy to apply. It's also good to first make eye makeup because they fall off a bit.

All swatches are made on Nyx Glitter Primer

Glisten Here
Glisten here set

Revolution pro Glisten here swatch

Revolution pro Glisten here swatches

Glisten Up
Glisten Up

Revolution pro Glisten Up swatch

Revolution pro Glisten Up swatches

Personally, I highly recommend these glitters and I will certainly check if the brand releases new color variants. They are mega comfortable and fast in the application, you don't have to be somehow very talented to make beautiful makeup with their use. As for me, the form of pressed brocade is more convenient than loose in a plastic jar and this low price😍.
 I highly recommend to every fance of glow and sparkles.

What do you think about pressed glitters?
As for me, they make a spectacular impression😀

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