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Tuesday 24 April 2018

Top Cheap Makeup Products

Top Cheap Makeup Products 

Hi everyone, nobody likes spending lots of money on shopping for a cosmetic that is not always hit. Me always gets angry when I save on something and it turns out a total failure 😠 for what I could have many other things. Unfortunately, a lot of cheap cosmetics are very
poor quality but worth trying because you can find true treasures. 

Collection Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Liner
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Some time ago I finished all colored eyeliners or were out of date so I had to buy new ones. I don't use this type of cosmetics on a daily basis, which is why I didn't want to spend lot of money on something like that. I was looking for a cheap alternative and the choice fell on the Collection. I must admit that they are wonderful! They don't break out on the eyelid, do not create an unaesthetic crust, are comfortable and durable. Definitely two layers are enough to get a nice line. It's only shame that there are not many colors to choose from.

Kobo Bronzer
Kobo Bronzer

Very nice looking cheap bronzer which is suitable for contouring. Doesn't create stains, blends easily and doesn't cause dirty skin effect. In England the cosmetics prices of this company are slightly higher because they can only be bought online but they still cheap. I've been hunting for a long time on shade Sahara to warming cheeks but it's always sold out :(

Essence Stay All Day 16h

Certainly if you reading my posts you will not be surprised that I love this foundation. It has a beautiful semi-matte finish, lasts many hours and costs only £3.80The color scheme is very poor, so will certainly be more suitable for tanned, darker carnations.

Ps Brush Cleaner
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Due to the fact that I often make makeup on the blog I needed an effective and quick way to clean the brushes. While shopping in Primark I found this product and I have to admit that it really works. Just spray 2 times to get rid of  for example green or red color from bristle. It doesn't leave brushes in perfect purity that's why it's obviously a method of quicker cleaning than the standard brushing routine, if you know what I mean. It costs £ 2.50 in Primark.

Revolution Palettes

About MUR palettes is very loud in the beauty world for some time due to the very low price and mega good quality. I can definitely recommend the Reloaded series in colors Newtrals 2 and Division because I have these palettes and they are wonderful. They blend great, combine with other colors without problems and are mega pigmented. They only cost £4 for 15 shades so I can't imagine a better deal.

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