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Wednesday 2 May 2018

Kiko Milano Blushes Review

Kiko Milano Blushes Review

Kiko is a brand with which I'm just getting to know because I don't have much of their cosmetics. Their cheek blushes attracted me to this brand because by many people they are compared to iconic Air Blushes from Marc Jacobs, so I had to try them.

Kiko Milano Blushes

Currently in my collection I have two Kiko Milano blushes from two different series. The first one Fusion it's a triple pink in a rose shade which I honestly hoped would be more coral but unfortunately this's how it's when you shopping online and the second single Smart Biscuit in the shade of apricot. I will review them for you separately and show you how exactly they looks, so if you are interested I invite you to the next part of the post.

Fusion Trio Blush  01 Natural Rose
Fusion Trio Blush  01 Natural Rose

Natural Rose is a triple blush mosaic thanks to which you can gently adjust the saturation of the color. If you want to get a darker shade you should simply apply on brush more of the lower darker refill / color. Closed in probably standard for the Kiko brand silver metallic compact which I like very much although, if we have from them a few cosmetics you have to open all or check on the back side in search of the one you need. It seems to me a better solution would be a transparent packaging or eg silver- blushes, gold- highlighters, rose gold- powders, etc. what would speed up the search. The case has a magnetic closure and an internal mirror.
It gives a very delicate effect on the cheeks, rather is hard to overdo with him, so will be suitable also for less experienced. It makes the skin look  more girlish, fresh and healthy. However, it doesn't  make such an impression on me because I already have similar shades in my collection,so if it was more coral, I would probably used more often. It stays on the cheeks about 8 hours after this time is not as visible. Available in 6 shades and cost GBP 8.90. 

Fusion Trio Blush  01 Natural Rose swatches

Smart Colour Blush Biscuit
Smart Colour Blush Biscuit

It's a matt single blush in a transparent package which has the original 100% adequate to the name - biscuit color. Will be work better in people with a lighter skin, with tanned skin will be simply invisible. I really like this shade, rarely can be seen in the offers of other brands. Ideally suited as both blush and base eye shadow. It last as long as the previous one. Very easy to apply and blending. Available in 12 shades with 2 different finishes: satin and matte. Cost GBP 5.90

Kiko Smart Colour Blush Biscuit swatch

In summary, I think that these are really good blushes, although they should be slightly cheaper. If you don't mind their price, I would truly recommend but if you're looking for something equally good and cheaper then I would prefer blushes from Sleek or Seventeen. They maybe don't have such nice packaging, but the contents is equally good quality.


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