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Wednesday 6 June 2018

Ofra Highlighter Review & Swatches

Ofra Highlighter  Review
Ofra Highlighter  Review

For a long time I have been looking for some good highlighter that will give the effect of wet skin or a sheet of ice. The Ofra brand highlighters gather a lot of positive reviews on the internet, so I decided to give them a chance.

Ofra Highlighter

Ofra Cosmetics is an American brand created by Ofra Gaito a therapist and makeup artist
which became very popular thanks to youtuber Nikkie Tutorials and then their collaboration. She is known from her very coverage and luminous makeup, so is an ideal person to promote this type of cosmetics. Three highlighters were signed by her name: Glazed Donut, Glow Goals and Blind the Haters. However, I decided to buy something different. It seems to me that the first shade would be too light for my skin color and the others too dark, so I bought something between Rodeo Drive. It's available in two weights: 4g for £ 10.00 and 10g for £ 25.00.

rodeo drive highlighter

I bought a smaller package because I preferred to first see what effect will be gives and secondly I don't finish cosmetics too quickly, so I'm sure that even this little precious will last me for a long time.
As for the highlighter Rodeo Drive has a beautiful champagne shade of gold that will be suitable for most types of skins and fits virtually any makeup, so for me kind of a safe shade.

ofra mini Highlighter

Gives the wonderful effect of wet skin without any particles of brocade, just pure glow. Make-up looks immediately more radiant, healthy and fresh. I've been looking for a highlighter that get this effect for a long time, I'm really glad that I bought it. Keeps the whole day in the same condition as immediately after applying. I'm very disappointed that in the miniature version there are only shades of Rodeo Drive, Blissful and Pillow Talk because I would gladly buy Glow Goals or You Glow Girl but £ 25.00 is too high price for me.
On the internet, a lot of people compare Rodeo Drive as the dupe of Becca Champagne Pop but I don't have it in my collection, so hard for me to tell if it's true. I'm thinking about buying some kind of highlighter from Beccka, because of pure curiosity- does it give the same beautiful glow on the cheeks

ofra swatches
I applied by a dry brush and damp with Mac Fix +

If you were thinking about buying a Rodeo Drive Highlighter from Ofra, I would trully recommend and I know that if only I'm finished I will buy another packaging, I love that so much.

Have you ever tried any highlighter from Ofra or Beccka?👸
I wish you a nice day, see you👋

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