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Monday 4 June 2018

Zaful Review

Zaful Review
zaful opinion

Today I have prepared a post for you with a review of the things I ordered from Zaful. I know that many of you are interested about this store and want to buy something, so I hope that this post will be useful to you.

First, a few technical things. The parcel went to me only a week, I was a little surprised that it was so fast 😃. Please remember that I live in England and I don't know how it's in the case of your residences. I didn't have to pay any additional taxes, duties etc.

zaful jumper

zaful clothes review

The sweatshirt is very good quality. It definitely looks the same as in the picture of the Zaful store. It has a pleasant, rather thin material, so it will be perfect for cold days in summer or spring. I am very happy with it and in the future I will probably order more blouses of this type. I chose the size L which fits on me perfectly, I'm 168 tall.

I also ordered two sets of brushes, which I can't review in terms of applying cosmetics because I didn't use them. I ordered them with a idea of giveaway for the year of my blog which will be soon.

zaful opinion

zaful brushes

These brushes look stunning! I would say that on real looking even better than on shop photos. They are ideal not only for applying makeup but also as a nice gadget that can be used in photos on instagram or blog. They have very soft bristles that are perfectly evenly cut. The whole is very good quality, nothing unstick, not damaged, etc. They are really good brushes that make a huge impression, such beautiful mermaids.

zaful set review

how buy on zaful

These brushes are much cheaper than the previous ones but they also don't make that impression. Bristles are not so pleasant anymore and the production quality such good. These are more brushes for beginners or people who don't have too much expectations.

Have you ever done shopping on this site?👗👜?
I hope that post was useful for you.

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