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Sunday 30 September 2018

Bh Cosmetics Rose Romance Brush Set Review

Bh Cosmetics Rose Romance Brush Set
Bh Cosmetics brushes

With the increasing love to the highlighters, I found that I don't have a appropriate brush in my collection which I will be able to comfortably apply it. I was ready to spend £10 on Nabla brush, but was much more profitable to buy a whole set which will be contained a similar to him, so I pick up Rose Romance from Bh Cosmetics.

On the internet there are mostly positive opinions about Bh Cosmetics brushes, mostly that's why I decided to buy my first set. They are made of synthetic bristles which is very nice and delicate in contact with the skin, I really like that it's in a gray-brown color and not black or beige, what makes them looks more expensive. They have nice elegant white lacquered handles with rose gold inscriptions.
Comes to us in a white, quite big cosmetic bag where we can store them or other things. 
Has a really good quality, so you can even give it to someone as a small gift.


The whole set of 12 brushes costs £25 but if you live in Usa, I have seen them recently on a huge promotion for $16.90.

The set contains both face and eye makeup brushes, it can also be ideal for beginners or for those whoes like me never have enought brushes.  If you are just starting your adventure and you don't know for what you can use every brush , each of them has a number on the handle whose description and purpose is on the packaging box.

Bh Cosmetics opinion

Bh Cosmetics brushes

1. Powder Brush
Bh Powder Brush opinion

Works very well for applying powder or getting rid of excess after baking. Has a lot of soft bristles which in a pleasant way touching face skin. I am very pleased with it and as for me has a nice size and shape because typical powder brushes are more round or too large. I don't like these giant brushes because they are not easy to store and it's harder to keep them clean.

2. Flat Top Foundation Brush
Bh Cosmetics Foundation Brush

This brush, unfortunately totally not work for me. The foundation apply very unevenly, smears and smudges. Takes a lot of time and effort to looking good. As for me, it is not dense enough, don't have enough bristles to stamp it up, just slides on sideways. Definitely this brush will go into oblivion and I will not use it again.

3. Angled Blush/ Contour Brush

Bh Cosmetics Blush Brush

You can easily applied blush, but I'm still big fan of Real Technique blush brush.

4. Tapered Highlight Brush
Bh Cosmetics Highlight Brush

Mainly because of this brush I bought this set and I don't regret. It's perfectly soft and pleasant in contact with the skin. Makes the applied highlighter have a stronger pigmentation and a more visible glow, which is exactly what I needed.

5. Small Contour Brush
Bh Cosmetics Contour Brush review

I don't doing a face contour, so for me works well to taking out the rest of the baking powder from under eyes.

6. Blending Brush
Bh Cosmetics Blending Brush

I definitely still prefers to blend Zoeva221 but this one works good as well. Why do I still prefer Zoeva? Due to the shape, here the larger concentration of the bristles is on top of the brush while the more suited me when is tapering upwards. In addition, I have no other claims, the bristles are soft and pleasant and the brush itself is comfortable and handy.

7. Angled Shadow Brush
Bh Angled Shadow Brush

A useful brush that is convenient to emphasize the lower eyelid. Again, it's so much better than the brushes that I already have in my collection because has a smaller size. Works well but it is not a brush without which I can't imagine creating make-up if you know what I mean.

8. Flat Concealer Brush
Bh Cosmetics Concealer Brush opinion

Just as with the smaller one, it works well with cut crease and applying metallic shadows on the eyelids.

9. Small Flat Concealer Brush
Bh Cosmetics Concealer Brush review

I prefer to apply the concealer by my fingers, I have the impression that then less cuts off and blends better with the skin, I also use it to apply metallic shadows on the eyelids. It's slightly smaller than this type of brushes that I have, that's why it's also ideal to the cut crease technique. You can apply a much more precisely shade to create an even cut.

10. Pencil Brush
Bh Pencil Brush

I must admit that I don't like this brush because it is the only one in this set that causes a feeling of discomfort and sting in contact with the eye. The shape etc. is ok, but the stiff bristles disqualifies this brush for me completely.

11. Angled Liner / Brow Brush

Bh Cosmetics Brow Brush

It's suitable for both underlining eyebrows and precision work.

12. Precise Liner Brush

Bh Cosmetics Liner Brush

I admit that I don't use eyeliner in the jar/ gel, but works well to create a line by eye shadows. When it's moistened by Mac fix + you can create a perfectly even, without patches or clearances line, for better effect is best to use metallic shadow.

In conclusion, I am very happy with the purchase of this set and I must admit that the brushes are of very good quality. Of course, I will come back with an update, for example after a year of use, whether are still works fine or something has been damaged etc.
I think that £25 is really low price for 12 pcs so comfortable in the use brushes, of course the eye set from Iconic London is still my favorite, but there we pay £39.99 for only 7pcs so if you do makeup only on yourself, to work or going out, then definitely this set will be enough for you.

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