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Thursday 13 December 2018

Eyeshadows From Melkior Review & Swatches

Eyeshadows From Melkior Review & Swatches
Melkior eyeshadows swatches opinion review

I have the impression that is been a long time since I reviewed what I love the most💙💙👰... eye shadows. That's why today we will talk about loveliness from brand Melkior which I bought on Black Friday sale.

I already have a large collection of eyeshadows, therefore I am currently looking for more single pans than palettes. I often have this problem that many palettes are really beautiful but for example, more than half of this colors I already have, so better invest in singles, which I can choose by myself according to my needs. To my surprise in England there are not so many companies that offer single eyeshadows. Most of them are in America or have a few and very uninteresting colors. 
Then I remembered about Melkior and decide why not to try? It is a company directed more to the makeup artists, so I had a feeling that it will be really of good quality and I was less afraid to take a chance.

Melkior Chocolate review and swatches

Melkior Soft Grey review and swatches

Melkior Voyage review and swatches

Currently they have available 6 types of eyeshadows -  Glitter (2.5 GR), Pearly (4 GR), Baked (3 GR), Metallic (3.2 GR), Shimmer (3.2 GR) and Matte (3.2 GR) but a wide range of colors only in the last two. They are not cheap because they cost £ 4.50, £ 5.50 or £ 6.90 but they have a much bigger grammage than a standard pan, so when we calculate this they not so expensive. Personally, I prefer smaller ones because these hard fits to standard magnetic palette and I don't finished eyeshadows so quickly so I simply don't need them to be that huge.

melkior comapre to other eyeshadow

I managed to get them on Black Friday for -25% ,so £3,50. Really is worth waiting for offers. As for the store itself, I have both positive feelings because my order arrived to me after 2 days which surprised me but also negative because I have to complain about contact with the client. For a long time I wanted to do shopping on the Melkior website but I knew that soon will be Black Friday so I wrote to the company on their official Facebook are they planning an event / sale but unfortunately no one answear. Certainly nowadays good management of social media is the foundation of a successful business and good brand promotion.

Melkior Soft Peach review and swatches

Melkior Mint review and Swatches

Melkior Gold Rush review and swatches

Is really stunning, just one touch by your finger / brush is enough to get a pigmented color, but the matte shadows are quite soft pressed and when you apply from the pan they crumble a little.

melkior eyeshadow review and swatches

I have no objections to them. Beautifuly blends, connect with each other, the colors don't disappear and the fallout is in the pan not on your face if you know what I mean. They are really great eyeshadows with good quality

Of course, we choose what interests us and the finishes and shades are a lot, so everyone will find something for themselves. As I mentioned before the pans have a larger size so they can be perfect not only for make-ups artists but also for everyone who don't need too many shades. They want to create their ideal daily basic / go to palette that they will have for years.

melkior single pans new shades swatches

I admits that I had a huge problem with the choice of shades because Melkior is not a very popular brand, so there were not many photos on the internet, but unfortunately also their webside doesn't have swatches, which should be added to facilitate customers.

Swatches without a base!
Melkior matte eyeshadow Chocolate swatches

Melkior matte eyeshadow Soft Peach swatches

Melkior Voyage dochrom eyeshadow swatches

Melkior matte eyeshadow Soft Grey swatches

Melkior matte eyeshadow Mint Swatches

Melkior shimmer eyeshadow Gold Rush swatches

I am really happy with these eyeshadows and I think that in the future I will do shopping on the Melkior website again. Perhaps I will be drawn more to duochroms because Voyage it's my absolute favorite from this order. 
Please let me know, doyou know Melkior and what shades you recommend😁

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