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Saturday 1 December 2018

New Makeup Releases November

new makeup launches

I don't know how it happened but it ends of November and there was no releases post on this month. It's probably because of the black friday shopping madness and tiredness. Not prolonging I invite you to a post about new makeup products of November.

1. Nabla Poison Garden Pressed Pigment Palette  £36
Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania Nabla Poison Garden Pressed Pigment Palette

The palette has appeared in stores 8 of November and I'm definitely not interested in buying because all these shades I already have in my collection about what you could see in the post Nabla New Poison Garden Palette Dupe

2. Enchanted Lustre Cosmetics Luxury Chromebow Palette  $99
Enchanted Lustre Cosmetics Luxury Chromebow Palette

It seems to me that duochroms is what attracts most customers so I don't know why more companies don't decide release whole palette with such a finish. As for me, I'd love to buy it if not the extra shipping / duty costs.

3. BH Cosmetics Zodiac Love Signs Palette $24
Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania BH Cosmetics Zodiac Love Signs

This is another palette of the zodiac collection.

4. Juvia's Place Palette $ 20 Highlighter  $16 Each
juvias warrior 2 Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania juvias heroine

In November, the company expanded the assortment with a whole matte palette The Warrior 2 and baked highlighters in 2 Shades. This palette seems to be not very interesting for me and the highlighters too dark unfortunately. I saw that Juvia's is working on opening their website in Uk, so I can't wait.

5. Dose Of Colors Mickey Mouse Collection Palette $39  Lipsticks $17 
Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania Dose Of Colors Mickey Mouse Collection

6. Lethal The Hive Collection Lipstick  £15  Eyeshadow £5.50
Lethal The Hive Collection

I wanted to buy a few of their eyeshadows on Black Friday but unfortunately they didn't have good offers, so maybe next time. Have you ever try shadows from them, are they of good quality?

7. Catrice Mickey Mouse Face & Eyeshadow Palette Coming Soon
Catrice Mickey Mouse Face & Eyeshadow Palette

8. Melt Cosmetics Smoke Sessions Palette $48

The colors are nice but this pattern of marichuana is a bit too much for me. I have no issues if someone smokes or not, everyone does what wants but promote by a cosmetics company something that is illegal in many countries of the world is a big nope for me.

9. Morphe x James Charles Unleash Your Inner Artist Palette £39 & Brush Kit £152 
Morphe x James Charles Unleash Your Inner Artist

10. Huda Beauty The New Nude Eye Shadow Palette  £56
Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania Huda The New Nude Eye Shadow Palette

This palette is soo beautiful but unfortunately too expensive for me

11. Colourpop Are You Wet or Lit? Palette and Bundle 16$ Each Glitter 8$  Blush 8$
Colourpop Are You Wet or Lit?

Inspiration of the whole palette was a Philippines flag. A very nice idea for a palette in two colors and tones. And which shades do you like more warm or cold? :)

12. Blush Tribe x Paulina Beauty Palette £21.99   
Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania Blush Tribe x Paulina Beauty Palette

The English india cosmetics company has collaborate with youtuber Paulina Beauty which I like very much and this palette is the result of their work. This is a limitated edition that preorder starts December 1st.
13. Zoeva Eclectic Eyes Palette  £17.50
Zoeva Eclectic Eyes Palette

I have the impression that Zoeva has recently lost a bit. Releases new pallets just to remind about themself but not to create an interesting product that will buy many people. Colouristically, this is one of their best proposals, but the cosmetics market is so supersaturated that we expect something more. More unique formulas, shades, packaging that attract the attention etc. Zoeva is so old-fashioned and I have the impressione that they don't develop and quality compared to other currently available brands are average.

14. Dominique Cosmetics Berries & Cream Palette  $44
Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania Dominique Cosmetics Berries & Cream Palette $44

Which pallets do you like the most?
Let me know what you recently bought on Black Friday😏😍

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