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Thursday 27 December 2018

Rosegal Jumpers / Sweater Review

Rosegal Jumpers / Sweater  Review

Outside the window, the weather doesn't spoil us, so I have a review of sweaters from one of the popular online stores. Perhaps one of you will help this post in choosing clothes or if you are curious about the quality of Rosegal clothing I invite you to the next part.

How to make a order on the website?

I know that not every one of us buys online and many of you have a problem with it, so I has a simple instruction for you that I hope will be helpful.

1) Choose what you want to buy - click on Add To Bag

rosegal instruction

2) When you add to the basket everything you are interested in, click on my bag

3) Make sure that you have chosen the right sizes, colors, etc.
4) Rosegal very often offers various types of discount codes that will help you save money. To use it just write in place of the Coupon Code and click apply

5) Do not forget that you must log in to used codes

6) Choose a more convenient checkout option for you
7) Above, write the address to which the package should arrive and delivery method. I recommend changing to Priority Direct Mail because it is free and takes less time
8) If you don't want an additional insurance package just click in the square

9) If you have any loyalty points you can use them, but the maximum amount available is always given automatically. If you don't want to use them or want other amount, change their value

10) All benefits and charges are listed so check carefully that everything is correct before clicking Place Your Order
11) Choose the payment option

12) Fill in the details and then click Pay Now
13) If for some reason you can't pay directly, your order will be waiting a few days for payment but remember that the items chosen by you are not "reserved" and later they can be sold out

14) After payment, you should receive an email confirming the order. In emeil you will also receive a number and a link thanks to which you can track your order.

15) If you have any questions regarding ordering, returns, duties, etc., at the bottom of the website, there is a Shopping FaQ tab where you can find an answer on your question or contact with the store directly.

What I Picked Up👚🏬

V Neck Drop Shoulder Pullover Cable Knit Sweater M

rosegal V Neck Drop Shoulder Pullover Cable Knit Sweater

rosegal winters cloths review are they worth buy

Material: Polyester  

The color of this sweater is absolutely beautiful and truly the same as in the picture of the store. Works perfectly for the winter and autumn cold days because it is thickly braided, nice and warm. It has a deep cleavage in the letter V, so if you don't have a big friends:D like me or it's a bit too much then a great solution will wear a shirt underneath. I am really happy with this purchase!

Womens Pure Color Button Long Sleeve Jumper Casual Knitwear Tops - L
rosegal Womens Pure Color Button Long Sleeve Jumper Casual Knitwear Tops

rosegal jumpers and swathers review

Material: Polyester 

Surprised me that the material is an polyester because it is so soft to the touch. It's more like a thin sweater than a T-shirt because is much thicker. Unfortunately, turned out to be too big for me, if you like it I'd recommend but it's better to order one size or even two smaller than you usually pick up. A really cool piece of clothing that will fits perfectly to jeans, under the jacket and really to everything. I greatly regret that it is too big for me and I will order in the future a smaller one.

Dropped Shoulder Ribbed Knitwear - L
Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania rosegal Dropped Shoulder Ribbed Knitwear  rosegal Dropped Shoulder Ribbed Knitwear

rosegal jumpers quality

Material: Cotton,Polyester,Polyurethane 

I really like this sweater. Is warm and has a thick compact material. My only disappointment is that color is definitely different from the one presented on the store's website. I was expecting a yellow canary while this one is more mustard. Apart from this detail I can recommend this jumper and I will certainly wear often.

Argyle Anchor Letters Raglan Sleeve Striped Pullover Sweatshirt - Xl
rosegal Argyle Anchor Letters Raglan Sleeve Striped Pullover Sweatshirt

rosegal hope blouse

Material: Cotton,Polyester 

Pretty thin, comfortable sweatshirt which fabric feels like foam if you know what I mean. I think that for tall girls will be too short but for such as me or smaller will be fit nicely to jeans or shorts. Cost only $6.99 and totally surprised me because I admit honestly that I thought that the quality will be not so good but turned out to be really cool. According to me, it looks the same as on the picture.

Do you like the things I've chosen?
 Please, let me know if you have any favorite items from this store:)

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