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Monday 31 December 2018

New Makeup Releases December

Time for the last makeup releases on this year. I have the impression that appeared a lot of interesting, unique products on the market as well as a whole lot less successful, which the world quickly forgot about. I hope that will be less cosmetics in the next year, but more interesting. Not prolonging I invite you to the review of December news.

1. Beauty Bay  
Palettes Smaller £8 Medium £12   Each

Beauty bay has released a lot of new pallets at very affordable prices. They have only a matte finish, only shimmer or both. I am very curious about their quality that's why I struggle with meself whether to buy one or not hmmm.

Beauty Bay Brush Sets  £25  £23  £39

The first holographic set looks very nice but currently I don't need more brushes.

2. Huda Beauty
Matte & Metal Melted Shadows   £22  Each
Image result for HUDA BEAUTY  Matte & Metal Melted Shadows

It's nice that finally something new and unique appeared on the market, not all the time the same. I like this brand very much, so maybe I will buy one shade in the future.

Power Bullet Metallic Lipstick  £18

Image result for huda Power Bullet Metallic Lipstick

Metallic lips are currently trendy but for some reason it doesn't convince me. According to me the shades of these lipsticks are not very useful,  for me pass.

3. Violet Voss Fun Sized Palettes £18 Each
Image result for violet voss fun sized

As for Violet Voss, these pallets have a good price, so it's a good opportunity to test their quality and check the brand if we were interested.

4. Makeup Revolution Revolution Creative Vol 1  £10 
Makeup Revolution Revolution Creative Vol 1

5. Linda Hallberg Metallic Mysteries II  £50
Linda Hallberg Metallic Mysteries II

Shades and design  looks nice but definitely the quad for £50 is not for me: D

6. Benefit Roller Liner  £18.50
Benefit Roller Liner

7. Becca X Khloé Kardashian & Malika  Letters £15  Blush Palette £40  Lipstick  £20
Image result for becca khloe and malika

This is not a bad collaboration, but none of these things seems to me something that I need and I don't have already in my collection.

8. Viseart Libertine Palette  £43.50
Related image

Image result for becca palette volcano

The first thing I thought when I saw this palette, doesn't it look so similar to Becca Volcano? Actually you can buy Becca at Cultbeauty only for £20.90, so  it's much better deal than this one.

9. Colourpop 
24 New Pressed Single Shadows $4 Each
Image result for Colourpop 24 New Pressed Single Shadows $4 Each

Colourpop x Kathleenlights Twinkling Lights Collection Glossy Lip $6  Super Shock Eyeshadow $5
Colourpop x Kathleenlights Twinkling Lights Collection

Definitely nothing new and interesting :(

10. Elf Decades Eyeshadow Palettes Inspired By The 70’s, 80’s & 90’s $10 Each
Elf Decades Eyeshadow Palettes Inspired By The 70’s, 80’s & 90’s

I really want to try cosmetics from this brand in 2019, but these palettes are simply ugly:D

11. Lunar Beauty Greek Goddess Collection Lipstick $18  Eyeshadow Palette $48 Highlight Palette $40
Related image

12. Boots Harry Potter Limited Collection  From  £3 To  £8
Image result for boots harry potter brushes

Definitely a very nice collection for Harry's fans📺

13. Juvia's Place Tribe Palette  $20
Related image

 I mega like the colors selection of this palette. It seems to me very original and well-matched. Certainly, as soon as will appears on Beauty Bay, I will buy immediately.

14. Sephora x Olivia Jade Palette   $28
Related image

15. Sample Beauty Festive Pigments  £9.95 Each
Image result for Sample Beauty Festive Pigments

16. BH Cosmetics Capricorn Love Palette  $14Image result for BH Cosmetics Capricorn Love Palette

Bh cosmetics decided each month to release a palette dedicated to the current zodiac sign, which is a really cool idea. I am a capricorn and I was very sad when I saw this palette. In my opinion it is simply ugly. Definitely 90% of us have such shadows in our collection and no one need this.

This is the last post on this year, so I would like to wish you all the best and of course a great New Year's party! 
See you all next year 😘💃🍸🍸🎇🎇🎉

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