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Sunday 6 January 2019

Juvia's Place The Saharan II Palette Swatches & Review

Juvia's Place The Saharan II  Palette Swatches & Review
my favorite palettes of juvia's place

Last year the trend of neutral pallets with a pop of blue became very popular. The Saharan II about what I will be talking today perfectly fits in with such a color scheme and is vert affordable,  so definitely deserve for a moment's of attention. Perhaps you are looking for such a palette or simply you are interested in the quality of Juvia's Place brand, I hope that this post will be useful.

Juvia's palettes are my huge love and I would like to have them all that's why I regularly check if there is any sale offer at the moment. A few weeks ago at the Beauty Bay, the whole Saharan collection was 50% off, so I decided to pick up Saharan II. Both have a nice color scheme, but this one seemed more useful to me and better value for my collection. I still want really badly their new palette Tribe but is not available in UK yet.

Image result for juvia's Saharan and Saharan 2  Related image

Juvia's Place The Saharan II

Going to the Saharan II palette contains 9 shades with matte and metallic finish. The pans are really huge, so I will probably never finish:D. In the regular price costs £20 for 27g but I luckily bought it for half the price. I hope that, as promised Juvia's place will soon open their online store in Europe, in which will be the same offers as in the USA because in the last period they had gigantic discounts, but currently including duty, taxes  is not so profitable. Juvia's currently has on offer thirteen different pallets in more daily and crazy colors so everyone will find something for themselves.

Juvia's Place The Saharan 2 are is worth buying

The quality of Juvia's eyeshadows is simply stunning. Both with matte and metallic finishing, just one swipe is enough to get a saturated colour. This is probably the best pigmentation on the market which you can get.

Eyeshadows don't cause any problems despite the fact that they are so well pigmented, their blending is not difficult. Metallic shades are pigmented like almost foils, so you don't need to apply them wet, you can use a finger or brush depending on how you prefer. They don't have a dry consistency that's way the fallout is practically zero. The colors don't fade, don't create stains and connect beautifully. 

It's a really great palette thanks to which you can create a lot of makeups. I think that the only thing is missing here is a brighter transitional bronze to be a bit more suitable also for everyday use. Mint and peach shades are really beautiful, unique and I think they are my favorites in this palette. Is a really beautiful palette which I will often reach for.

Swatches without a base!
juvia's place eyeshadow palette swatch

Juvia's Place The Saharan2 swatches

Juvia's place once again proved to me that their pallets are of the best quality. Really other companies should learn from them because they give us unearthly pigmentation, great colors story at an affordable price. I bought this palette for only £10, what when we realize it's really in the price point of for example Revolution, but the quality of metallic shades is incomparable. I highly recommend, if you were thinking about the Juvia's palettes they are really worth buying!


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