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Tuesday 8 January 2019

Marc Jacobs Review

Marc Jacobs Review
Marc Jacobs cosmetics

Certainly, each of us likes to be spoiled by some luxurious cosmetics, which is why the Marc Jacobs brand has been on my wishlist for a long long time. Recently I finally found a nice offer and that's why I have a review of not one but three cosmetics for you today.

Marc Jacobs is an American fashion designer. He is the head designer for his own fashion label, Marc Jacobs, and formerly Marc by Marc Jacobs, a diffusion line, which was produced for approximately 15 years having been discontinued after the 2015 fall/winter collection.
Unfortunately, in England it's hard to get because we don't have Sephora's and in John Lewis I don't know why but the makeup products has been withdrawn, so now you can buy only on the Net website. Is a luxury brand that's why unfortunately, totally not affordable, but to a small extent can reward us by elegant packaging and good quality.

cocount cosmetics

 #Instamarc Light Filtering Contour Powder 20 Dream Filter
marc jacobs bronzer

This bronzer was very popular a few years ago but always £40 seemed too much to spend . One time I saw exactly the same bronzer a lot cheaper in Tkmaxxx and even bought it but after a few days it turned out that there was some mistake during online shopping and the money was taken from the account but the order wasn't approved by the store, so after a short time I got back the entire amount but the bronzer was already sold out.
 However, after this unpleasant adventure again the opportunity to buy cheaper has appeared and finally I have it: D. Costs around £40 for 2x9 g and is available in three color options. In addition to the bronzer itself, the product also contains powder that works well for the entire face or cutting off the bronzer line. I don't use it too often, but more because I want to used up what I have already open longer. 
Bronzer presents itself very nicely on the skin, gives such a subtle, unobtrusive effect, which makes it difficult to overdo and will be suitable  for make-up beginners. Blends beautifully, doesn't create any stains is really wonderful! The only drawback that I notice when touching the brush slightly crumbles because of such a delicate formula and, of course the price. I am glad that I finally have #Instamarc because is the best bronzer I have ever had and I highly recommend it.

marc jacobs bronzer 20 Dream Filter swatches

Under(Cover) Perfecting Coconut Face Primer - Invisible 30, 30ml
Under(Cover) Perfecting Coconut Face Primer  review opinion

You could have seen this base so many times on my wish list but it was always soldout what only gave me the feeling that will be a great cosmetic if so many people buying this. Is a moisturizing base with coconut what seemed to me ideal to replace my under makeup cream and that will gives me extra hydration especially in winter and autumn when my skin is much more dry.
 With this base I unfortunately have such love / hate relationship because doesn't work with all foundations. I have a combination skin and with such normal daily foundations as Rimmel Match Perfection, Dior Forever or Bourjois Healthy Mix my skin after a few hours looks horrible, not fresh, super oily and I just want to wash everything up immediately but it perfectly works with more lasting and mattifying, heavy consistencies like Revolution Conceal and Define or Mac Studio Fix. 
Then everything merges better with the skin, no mask effect, dryness and looks more lightly. I often do not use such foundations so I'm disappointed and I will not buy this base again. Someone with much drier skin would like it more and maybe could even work with lighter formulas. The package looks beautiful, has a pump that is comfortable to use, smells not  like coconut but I was expecting something more. 
 The manufacturer also promises smoothing but I don't see any spectacular difference. I will give her a chance, for example in the spring because currently my skin is very capricious and demanding so maybe when it calms down it will affect on the final effect. I don't know, let me know if you try this and what are your impressions.

marc jacobs  Primer

Cover(t) Stick Color Corrector Concealer 310 Bright Now
marc jacobs Cover(t) Stick Color Corrector Concealer 310 Bright Now

Unfortunately, this is a total fail for me. I've seen quite a lot of positive reviews of this stick but for me it totally doesn't work. Even when I apply a very small amount begins to roll and settle on the skin to form such a crust. Is definitely not suitable for dry skin owners because terribly emphasizes every such place. Perhaps now is not a good time to test such a product because in the autumn / winter I always add acids to my routine which of course dries out skin, so I give to this stick a chance on spring but if I buy a more expensive cosmetic I expect that will work well all the time, not give him a million chances. 

Have you tried these cosmetics?
Do you prefer buy more drugstore or luxury brands?

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