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Wednesday 6 February 2019

Max Factor Radiant Lift Foundation Review

Max Factor Radiant Lift Foundation Review
Max Factor Radiant Lift

Maxfactor is one of those brands which I don't know why but somehow always avoid when I shopping. So far, I've only tried their 2000cal iconic mascara, a Max Effect Gloss Cube which I really like and a long time ago some foundation in the mousse that didn't impress me, so considering all this years in make-up adventure it's really a poor result. Maybe on this year it will be change, so far I'm on the right track.😃 
I invite you to review about their newest Radiant Lift foundation.

From Producer

Now you don't have to choose between radiance and long-wear! Max Factor Radiant Lift Foundation refreshes tired-looking skin with a natural, healthy glow that lasts all day. Max Factor Makeup Artist Tip: For areas that need more concealing, build coverage by slowly adding more product.

With hyaluronic acid to replenish and lock in moisture
Provides a radiant glow and all-day coverage 
Ultimate hydration 
SPF30 broad spectrum protection 
Anti-aging formula 
Smooth coverage 
Gives a healthy, youthful glow 
Long-wear complex infused with hyaluronic acid

Max Factor Radiant Lift Foundation vs Max Factor Miracle Touch Second Skin

My Opinion

My skin is: Combination, Irritate,  Spider veins, Dry cheeks, Oily T zone

Smells like a luxurious face cream. On my hand it was very noticeable and lasted a long time but I don't feel it completely on the face.
SPF 30
Doesn't oxidize
Heavy decent packaging
Looks beautiful on photos or movies, from a longer distance
18 Shades
Very good coverage
Efficient, you need a really small amount
Doesn't settle on the hairs which we have on the face
Price, I bought it for £6.90 at the online drugstore
Despite of such a good coverage doesn't create a mask and doesn't look heavy or dry
Doesn't dry out the skin

Much more convenient and faster is to apply by the sponge, with fingers or a brush you need to spend more time to don't have any streaks and stains.
Slightly matt-powder finish, this is not the typical matt but more like feeling after using finely ground powder - similar to Catrice Liquid Coverage foundation

Swatches and photos of shades on the internet are totally different than in reality
The name Radiant is totally unsuitable to the finish it gives and can be misleading, that's why probably his reviews in drugstores are so low
Slightly emphasizes the texture of the skin and pores
In areas particularly exposed to the excretion of sebum, it becomes a bit cakey but it's not so noticeable, only when you looking very closely
It's better to use a small amount, if we add it to some problematic places especially on the chin after around 5 hours just in these places starts a little separates and settles

Max Factor Radiant Lift Foundation 40 light ivory swatches

Max Factor Radiant Lift shades
Max Factor Radiant Lift Foundation vs too faced peach

Max Factor Radiant vs Max Factor Miracle Touch Second Skin

Summary : 3.4  /  6

I have the impression that this foundation has recently become very popular and I understand the positive opinions but it did not steal my heart. According to me, this is a great foundation but for a shorter period of time maximum to 6 hours, above that time starts separates and settles in particular on the chin. I will still reach for him, but didn't make such an impression on me to become my favorite or my go to foundation. I probably would not buy it again.

Do you tried this foundation?
If yes, let me know how it works on you😀


  1. Oczywiście markę znam ale jakoś nie mogę sobie przypomnieć tego podkładu chyba nawet w sklepie go nie widziałam albo nie zwróciłam uwagi :) Pozdrawiam :)

    1. Jest to ich najnowsze dziecko, wypuścili go jakoś w zeszłym roku:) Buziaczkii kochana:*

  2. Nie słyszałam jeszcze o tym produkcie, ale ma fajne kolorki! Mój blog

    1. O widzisz to świetnie, że mogłam pokazać coś nowego:* Pozdrawiam

  3. I bought this foundation too, and wish the shades were better as I've found it to oxidise a little too xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️

    1. Oh, but is it on the chin after a few hours little cakey on you? :(

  4. Nice post dear :) fine foundation :)

  5. Too bad it didn't last long time x


  6. Nie znam tego podkładu, ale podoba mi się jego odcień :)

    1. Pod koniec zeszłego roku był mega popularny w Polsce, ciągle widziałam jego recenzje:) Buziaczki:*

  7. happy nice day, and nice color