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Tuesday 26 March 2019

New Makeup Releases March

new makeup skin care launches

On this month finally I managed to create the newest releases on time, I'm proud of myself hehe: d. I invite you to check out and of course share your opinion in the comments section.

1. Jeffree Star Blue Blood Collection Available March 29    Palette £48
Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania Jeffree Star Blue Blood

I must admit that this collection looks very interesting. I am glad that finally something new appeared, different than always. I think it would be difficult to find replacements for all these shades.

2. Nabla Close-Up Foundation  Available Soon

Oh, I really like this brand but the Close-Up collection didn't receive good opinions before. A concealer and powder released some time ago supposedly looked heavy and dry, so I don't know are the launching foundation from the same collection is a good idea.

3. Zoeva Melody Collection  Lip Gloss £11  Palette £18

A nice palette for people who like more neutral makeup but definitely nothing interesting for me.

4. Origins Plantscription Retinol Night Moisturizer with Alpine Flower £49

So far, I had some mixed feelings about Origins products. I tried masks and face gel but nothing has impressed me 😕.

5. Maybelline Dream Urban Cover Foundation  £8.79

I have seen many really positive reviews about this foundation and the opinion that it is a dupe for It's Cosmetics, so I will probably buy it in the future.

6. Revolution
Revolution X Tammi Tropical Carnival Palette  £10
Revolution X Tammi Tropical Carnival Palette opinion

I honestly do not understand the sense of this collaboration because this palette is very similar to Reloaded Marvellous Mattes and shimmers shades were already in other palettes. Nothing new just a taking a some shades from other palettes to this one. I'm definitely not interested in buying it, what do you think?

Revolution Essentials Eye Brush Set  £10

I Heart Revolution Donuts Palettes  £5 Each

They soo cute 😁🍩

7. Smashbox
The HoodWitch  Highlighter $39 Palette $29  Lip Gloss $19  Primer Water $32  Crystalized Primerizer $42

Hmm, I am not convinced by this collaboration, it looks relatively average and not so attractive compared to the collection created with Vlada.

New Cali Kissed Part2 $39

So far it is not available in Europe yet. Contains 4 shimmer highlight & 2 matte blush powders that can be used on face & eyes to create a fresh, California glow.

8. It's cosmetics Confidence in Foundation  £31
Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania It's cosmetics Confidence in Foundation

9. Natasha Denona
Foundation X+  $45

For now I am on the foundation no-buy, so I'm rather not interested.

Biba Palette $129

It seems to me that the previous pallets had something unique in them, so everyone was more convinced to price point, in this case the color theme is quite boring and repeatable. I have the impression that I could easily find alternatives to these shadows in my collection without spending $129.

10. BH Cosmetics Colour Festival Collection  Palette $20  Brush Set $27

The palettes of this brand are very affordable and the color scheme I like, so I will keep an eye on it. This is the 2nd part of the festival collection, the first palette from what I hear is discontinued, so you can currently find it on a big discount if you're interested.

11. Colourpop
The Villains Collection  Palette $22  Each Set $25  Lipstick $8  Highlighter  $10

Spring 2019 Collection Palette $18  Jelly Shadow $8  Lipstick $7  Blush $8

This collection is really beautiful, I even had a few things already in my basket but I decide to wait in the last minute because including duty and tax I will have a lot to pay :(.

 Just My Luck Palette $12
Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania Colourpop Just My Luck Palette

The palette was created because of the request of Colourpop fans who voted for a monochromatic palette in shades of green. Personally, I rarely wear such a colors on my eyes.

12. Iconic London Lip Plumping Gloss £19

£ 19 is a bit too high price for a lip gloss..💰

13. Bareminerals Skinlongevity  £23 - £48

14. Sample Beauty  Erase & Boost Full Coverage Eyeshadow Base  £12.95
Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania Sample Beauty  Erase & Boost Full Coverage Eyeshadow Base

This is an English brand which so far was unknown to me but yesterday I ordered a set of single eyeshadows, so we will see soon if is worth the attention.

15. Jouer Soft Focus Hydrate + Set Powder  $30  

16. Karity Come As You Are Palette  Probably £23

Currently Karita is available at Beauty Bay if you want to check what other pallets they have to offer.

17. Beauty Bay Gelée Glow Multi Use Highlighter £6.50
Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania Beauty Bay Gelée Glow Multi Use HighlighterBEAUTY BAY Gelée Glow Multi Use Highlighter

Something caught your attention?


  1. Znakomity post z fantastycznymi kosmetykami ! Super :)

    U mnie nowy wpis z wyjazdu :)
    https://migliorevita.blogspot.com/ Zapraszam <3

    1. Świetnie, że przypadł Ci do gustu:* Pozdrawiam!

  2. Hi! Fantastic selection of beauty products. All those palettes are beautiful.
    Have a nice day!

    1. I'm really happy that you like it:* For you too<3

  3. What a wonderful cosmetics my friend

  4. Wonderful photos and interesting post dear!
    Really interesting to try most of these products.

  5. The shades look amazing!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena