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Sunday 24 March 2019

My Top 5 Foundations

My Top 5 Foundations
the best foundations

I love to testing new foundations, posts with their reviews are quite a lot on my blog,
 so it's time to summarize them all and choose my favorite top 5.

I will not be limited to my favorite foundations on a daily basis or, most coverage, drugstore etc. just this is my top 5 which I am willing to use, I always come back to them and buy more packaging.

1. Rimmel Match Perfection
rimmel review

Probably most of you know or have had this foundation because it has been on the market for many many years. This is my favorite when it comes to autumn-winter periods, when my skin needs a more moisturizing formula or when it is dry and capricious. Comfortable, light just ideal for everyday use. 

2. Mac Studio Fix Fluid
the best iconic foundations

At the very beginning I didn't love him so much because, unfortunately it stinks badly but I'm probably already getting used to this scent hehe. For me it's a foundation for every season and every occasion. It stays long, has good coverage and looks good even after many many hours. I am not surprised why a lot of make-up artists use it because is great, definitely worth the price.

3. Dr.G Cream B.B Bright + 
best corean cc creams

From this cream CC my adventure and love to Korean cosmetics began. As for me, this CC can successfully replace the foundation because it has great coverage, stays long and looks so radiant and healthy. I can't count how many tubes I used and I bought, so much I love him. My absolute Holy Grail and I can't imagine not having it in my cosmetics bag.

4. Dior Diorskin Forever
Dior Diorskin Forever is it worth

Probably the most expensive foundation in this favorites which has a lot of advantages but also a few drawbacks. Just like Rimmel, it is my must have for cooler months or for a date or going out with a friend. It doesn't wipe off,  has medium coverage, the skin looks nice but after a few hours it can shine in the T zone, so I don't use it very often in the summer.

5. Revolution Conceal & Define
Revolution foundation Conceal & Define

For a long time I was wondering whether to include him in this tops but I often reach for this foundation especially for more important occasion. I realized that I wear it especially when I want to look great, that's why it should be in my favorites. Has great coverage but is also not heavy, lasts a long time and with the moisturizing spray gives a beautiful more naturally looking finish. This is not a everyday foundation for me  but once for some time when I need something more heavy and covering if you know what I mean: D

What are your favorite foundations?
Have you tried these ones❔
Please, let me know below and have a great next week❤❤


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    1. Oo słyszałam sporo dobrego o tym podkładzie ale jeszcze go nie miałam, chyba nawet Jeeffry Star uwielbia właśnie ten w sprayu:D Muszę go spróbować:D:*

  2. I want to try the BB cream! Thanks for sharing! xx


  3. Ja teraz używam podkładu z inglota ale bardzo lubię też podkład z essence :) Pozdrawiam :)

    1. Szkoda tylko, że kolorystyka jest taka uboga:( Inglot to jak narazie nieznany dla mnie teren hehe a co polecasz kochana?:*

  4. Oh very interesting foundations darling
    Thanks for share

  5. Lots of great choices. Thanks for sharing!

    Allie of

  6. hah żadnego nie znam :D ja uwielbiam fluidy od Dermacol<3

    1. Hehe a wydawały mi się takie populrane:D To te z tym mega mocnym kryciem?:*

  7. I've used that MAC one and loved it too:)

    1. Great that you agree with me, it's nice to hear that:*

  8. MAC i Dior najlepsze podkłady jak dla mnie :)

    1. Zdecydowanie mam ochotę spróbować więcej:D Masz coś może do polecenia?:*