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Friday 26 April 2019

Jouer Blush Bouquet Dual Worth the Hype?

Jouer Blush Bouquet Dual Worth the Hype?
Jouer Blush Bouquet Dual review

I don't know how it is possible that before I didn't see the sense of using blush because now I can't do my makeup without. It's one of my favorite cosmetics that's why I am happy to expand my collection with new shades. Brand Jouer has been on my radar for a long time, so as soon as the sale of this wonderful duo appeared, I had to have it!

Jouer Cosmetics was launched in 2008 by Christina Zilber. She designed Jouer to provide a fresh, editorial view of makeup to complement a woman’s individual fashion sense and lifestyle. If you have seen my January makeup releases you know that I had plans to buy the latest limited edition Bouquet D'Amour Six Shade Blush palette which is really beautiful but after a long thought I found that a better idea is buying one of their duo Blush Bouquet because it contains really nice shades but would I really use them all? It is more profitable than a duo but if we take into consideration our actual needs and preferences I will have from duo a greater benefit.

jouer blush worth the price?

It is available in four color variants and as a bronzer in the price £25 for 11 g but for example when you order from Cult Beauty you can use the code Welcome15 for  -15% on Jouer Cosmetics like I did.

Jouer Blushes

The duo presented today is a Rose Gold shade which on the Internet seemed to me much more peachy but I'm glad that it is like a raspberry sorbet or rhubarb something between pink and peach really unique color that added a greater diversity to my collection and marvelous sun kissed look. It is also a very universal shade that will suits both makeup in warm and cool tones, for  blondes and brunettes and various types of complexions. If you don't need or don't want to have a lot of cosmetics, you are looking for one blush for every occasion the Jouer Blush Bouquet Rose Gold will be an ideal option.

Jouer Blush Bouquet duo Rose Gold review and swatches

Jouer Blush Bouquet dual duo

They are absolutely not a matte blushes, the lighter shade has satin finish, while the darker one is more shimmery but both have a gold particles reflecting the light. They are sensationally pigmented, so you have to apply them with a light hand to not achieve too strong effect. If you often happen to overdo with blush that probably is not the right product for you. Stays on the skin all day in the same condition as immediately after the application. When we realize that for one blush and beautiful, solid packaging perfect to a cosmetic bag or to take on a trip comes out in conversion £10 the price is really adequate and I would even say attractive.

Jouer Rose Gold swatches

Jouer Blush Bouquet dual swatches and opinion

My first contact with the brand Jouer Cosmetics really surprised me positively, 
this palette is soo beautiful and I use it all the time.
 Now I have a big desire for more and especially try out the concealer and brozner, 
I hope that I will be able in the close future.

Do you know the Jouer brand?
Do you have any favorite blush?
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