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Monday 29 April 2019

What To Buy In Primark?

What To Buy In Primark?

Primark is a very popular chain of stores, which doesn't be in many countries, so many of us going to Uk, the Netherlands or another European country has it on the must-visit place list. If you want to do shopping in Primark but you hesitate what is worth buying, maybe this post will help you make a decision and guarantee well spent money.

Primark named Penneys in the Republic of Ireland, is an Irish fast fashion retailer headquartered in Dublin, and a subsidiary of ABF. The company's first store was founded by Arthur Ryan on behalf of the Weston family in June 1969.
Currently, they have a really huge range of not only clothes for women, men and children but also footwear, accessories, cosmetics and even home accessories. About the last two departments I am not able to say anything because I never had anything, so I don' know what quality they offer but in the case of the others I have a big experience hehe: D

primark reductions

Primark is very often associated with low prices, but truly for me in recent years there is no such difference compared to other stores. Everything depends on what you want to buy, I recommend of course check out the hangers with reduction where you can find really great deals. I will not recommend you in this post any specific things, I will treat it more generally because the collections change so fast it would not make sense and surely no one would be able to get these things anyway.

1. Socks
Primark socks

I definitely mostly buy socks in Primark and I'm very happy with them but only those from thicker material. I also bought the thin ones a few times but always after a few uses started to make holes in them regardless of the type and length. I highly recommend but as I mentioned earlier only those thicker which cost around £3 for five pairs, they are very soft, comfortable, wash well and will serve for a long time.

2. Bra
Primark underwear

As we are already chat about underwear, when you shopping in Primark be sure to look at the bra section. They have a wide range of colors, types, you can buy as a single or in a set with panties or other colors in the form of a two-pack or three-pack and modern style. My sister has a really big bust because she's wears something about the F size and I know that is difficult for her to find such big size in other stores but Primark has sizes from A to 90G and I know that she is also very happy with them.

3. Handbags
handbags from primark review

If you don't care about any designer leather handbags, then look at Primark. Especially in baskets with sales because you can find for £3- £5 really cool models that will be perfect for everyday, to work, school or shopping. I have to admit that currently I much less often buy their handbags but it's just because I already have a huge collection. In different colors, sizes and definitely I don't need more but mostly always been happy with them.

4. Pajamas
primark clothes review

Certainly every one of us knows that pajamas are not the cheapest one, that's why worth looking for them exactly in Primark. Typically they are really good, nothing happens with them, they have many types and models to choose from, so everyone will find something for themselves. I am the type of person which feels always cold that's why I really like not only these cotton pajamas, but also for the cooler moths the thicker fleece ones. All sets cost around £10 so why overpay in other stores. I highly recommend not only pajamas for women but also for yours men, I think that such a gift would please everyone.

5. T- Shirts
Primark haul 2019

Definitely T-shirts are things which are never too much in our wardrobe. These are not clothes that last for years, rather two years and we exchange them, therefore it's not worth in my opinion to spend on them a larger sum of money.
In Primark you can find a large selection of T-shirts with prints about £2.50 and without (£2- £2.50), even cheaper are tops on straps - £1.50 that work well in summer or under a sweater. I definitely buy the most T-shirts in Primark because even if something shrink, fades or stops to please me, I don't feel bad.

6. Shoes
what to buy in

When it comes to shoes in Primark, you can find both that are of good quality which we will be have for a long time as well as a total shit. Personally, I don't recommend high heels, I have one pair which I really like because most of them are poorly contoured and uncomfortable but sandals, trainers, flip-flops or boots I can recommend. I am warning you that these are not shoes that last for many seasons but I don't know how you but for example sandals, I prefer has new ones every summer for the holidays. This year I also bought winter boots for the first time and I was mega pleased with them. They cost about £15, so the price was attractive and I wore them very often, they are so comfortable.

primark review

To sum up, I recommend you to look closer at these things in Primark because they can really surprise you. When it comes to sizes, it's best to checking everything because often there is not much difference between ones up, down or totally deviates from the standard size from the other stores. Theoretically, they were supposed to improve the sizes but I did not notice any improvement. Also check whether the size of the hanger is the same as the clothes or whether the set two-pack / triple are the same because it happened to me that someone just mixed everything and if I didn't check at store I would buy not what I wanted and not always we have time and opportunity to return wrong items to the shop.

Do you like shopping in Primark?
What departments are your favorites?


  1. You have bought some gorgeous items, I love those shoes and bras you have picked.

    Have a great day.

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