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Tuesday 9 April 2019

Pixi Vs Flower Beauty Highlighting Palettes

Pixi Vs Flower Beauty Highlighting Palettes
pixi or flower beauty the best highlighting palette

These beauties that you see on the picture I got as this year's Valentine's gift from my fiance which really made me a lot of joy and whenever I use them I think about him. I noticed that so-far this year started for me under the sign of highlighters and foundations because of these 2 categories I added the most new products: d.
Both of these highlighters have been on my wishlist for some time thanks to many many positive reviews online, so I am very happy that I have them in my collection and I can share my thoughts.

Flower Beauty Shimmer & Strobe Highlighting Palette
Flower Beauty Highlighting Palette review

About the brand itself and the founder  I have mentioned before in my previous post Celebrity Beauty Brands that's why I will focus only on the palette. I am really shocked what a wonderful effect you can get thanks to this highlighters! It gives a beautiful impression of a wet cheek, does not emphasize the texture of the skin and blends into beautifully. It is not a cream product but in the consistency is much softer and jelly not powdery, maybe thanks to that it gives such visible glow but at the same time as if our skin was so healthy and radiant from the inside if you know what I mean. Has 3 shades that can of course be mixed to create a more golden, pink or neutral look depending on our preferences.

Flower Beauty review and swatches

I don't not know how in the United States but in Uk there is only one variant of color that will probably not suitable for people with dark complexion. The Flower Beauty assortment is very limited in Superdrug, so maybe some other shades or highlighter may be available. The packaging is pretty cheap plastic but I'm more interested about inside of which the quality is stunning. In the regular price it costs £12.99 what for 3 great products is a mega deal but often Superdrug offers, for example 3 for 2 so you can get it even cheaper.
An additional advantage is also the fact that looks beautiful on the eyelids and by using a finger or a brush gives such a metallic effect.
I think that my adventure with this brand is just beginning because this is the best highlighter formula I have ever tried. I can even say that gives much more stunning glow than many other high-end brands. I highly recommend, you will not regret it!

Flower Beauty highlighters swatches

Pixi Glow-y Gossamer Duo - Delicate Dew
Pixi Glow-y Gossamer Duo  review

With the review of this highlighter I hesitated long because I still had mixed feelings and I could not decide what I really think about it. Online is very hyped but for me despite all the efforts, it is nothing so extraordinary. When I applied for the first time, I was expecting buum effect, a wet cheek and a mega intense glow but honestly it wasn't that visible. As for me, it is not worth attention compared to the effect of the Flower Beauty palette.

Pixi highlinging duo review and swatches

 So I thought that maybe it wasn't work because of brush. I wanted to buy Sigma F35 anyway, so I realized that this is the perfect moment. Do I see any difference now? Maybe in fact the glow is a bit more noticeable but still it is nothing special what I would expect to be worth £20. Maybe the problem is in the shade I have because my fiance bought me a variant Delicate Dew which is a bit darker than Subtle Sunrise, I don't know if their formula differs in somehow but I am unfortunately disappointed. 

pixi highlighter worth the hype

 On the face gives such an effect a bit of glittery glow that only can be seen by moving your head towards the light. For me, a very satisfying effect gives for example Revolution Pro Illuminate which costs a fraction of this price or a Flower Beauty palette in which we have 3 shades at half the price. As I mentioned earlier, I do not know if it is because of shade but for me it is an average highlighter that's why I don't know why others are so delighted :(. I got Pixi Glow-y Gossamer Duo as a gift but if I had now this £20 to spend, I would buy something else..

Flower Beauty and pixi comparison highlighters swatches

All together
Pixi Vs Flower Beauty highlighters swatches

Highlighters definitely dominated the beginning of this year. These are not products that are quickly finished, that's why I have to stop a bit with extending my collection, I feel little bit overwhelmed.
 Let me know if you had one of these palettes, are you agree with my opinion or maybe your feelings are completely different❓❗🌷🌷


  1. Wow the pixi palette is definitely my favorite - looks greaT1 ♥



  2. Hi! Both palettes are fantastic. They have wonderful shades.
    Have a nice day!

    1. Oh yes, especially for light complexions:** For you too!

  3. Very pretty! Gonna check them out! xoxo