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Friday 12 April 2019

Popular Eyeshadow Palettes Similar Alternatives

Often when I see new pallets released on the market, I have the impression that somewhere I have already seen it, such a cosmetic deja vu: D. And if you can't see any significant difference then why overpay or buy the same ?!

Today's post is intended to show you alternatives to popular palettes in a very similar color vibe. Of course, I do not have all the palettes in my collection, so I don't know if they qualitatively differ from each other but they are brands that have good quality products, not some fakes dupes from AliExpress, so I think that you will not be disappointed with these alternatives.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Sultry  VS  Urban Decay Reloaded 
Urban Decay Reloaded dupe
Link      Link

Huda Amethyst Obsessions Palette  VS  Colourpop It's My Pleasure Palette
Huda Amethyst cheapest dupe
Link      Link

Kkw X Mario Palette  VS   Colourpop Brunch Date Palette
Kkw X Mario Palette drugstore cheap dupe
Link      Link

Juvia's Place The Zulu Palette  VS  Beauty Bay EYN Bright 16 Colour Palette
Juvia's Place The Zulu cheapest dupe
Link     Link

Urban Decay Beached Palette  VS  Colourpop Mar Pressed Powder Shadow Palette
Colourpop Mar Pressed Powder  dupe
Link      Link

Nars Provocateur Palette   VS  Jouer Cosmetics Springtime In Paris Palette
Jouer Cosmetics Springtime In Paris Palette dupe
Link      Link

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette   VS   Revolution Re-Loaded Palette Iconic Fever
Urban Decay Naked Heat drugstore cheap dupe
Link      Link

Huda Beauty Smokey Obsessions Palette VS Beauty Bay Eyn Nude 16 Colour Palette
Huda Beauty Smokey Obsessions cheap alternatives
Link     Link

What do you think about these dupes?
Do you prefer cheaper or more expensive options?
Have a nice weekend💖💖


  1. Ale podobieństwo. Chętnie wypróbowała bym tych tańszych wersji :) Pozdrawiam :)

    1. Szkoda, że niektóre to bardziej dostępne w USA marki:(:*

  2. They all look like lovely products! thanks for sharing!

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend! I had brunch with some other local style Instagrammers yesterday and it was so fun :)

    Away From The Blue