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Sunday 26 May 2019

New Makeup Releases May

new launches may

Just one week left of this month and was released really some many new interesting cosmetics on the market, so we really have a lot to discuss about. 
I hope you like it and maybe you will find something for yourself.

1. Nabla Secret Palette  £36
new nabla palette

Of all these new releases I think this palette interested me the most. As soon as I saw, immediately I liked it a lot and seems to me that I will use it a lot. Looking objectively, this is not the most innovative colors skim, probably most of these shades I already have in my collection but still I will definitely buy this palette.

2. Kaleidos The Futurism Collection  $ 24 Each

Photos and make-ups made with these palettes have recently bombing me on instagram. They have a really nice colors, handy size and probably I would be tempted but unfortunately this company is located in the USA and unavailable in Europe. I have really nice dupes for these shades in my collection if you would be interested let me know.

3. Elf Supers Skin Care  £6 To £12

I am very interested in their skin care but I still have a lot of products to use, so maybe in the future we will try something.

4. Inglot Partylicious Freedom System  £ 56
5. KKW Mrs West Collection From $12 To $100

This collection was created because of their wedding anniversary which is really cute however I do not see anything for myself

6. Zoeva Coral Shine Brush Set  £78

Brushes look really beautiful but I am surprised that they didn't create a juicy, coral palette to this collection. I think that such a summer, very trendy shades would attract customers, the more that their latest releases were not too popular.

7. Becca Pearl Glow Collection  Available Soon

I must admit that this collection looks beautiful! Eyeshadows imitating shells are looks impressive and eye-catching. I do not know if it's because of these shells or this colors spoken to me but I'm very intrigued with this palette however, I want see first the swatches and reviews before I will decide to buy.

8. Viseart Rosé Edit Palettes  $39 Each

Palettes may be looks cool, but still more for fans of this brand or people who don't have a large collection of eyeshadows because it is nothing new and unique.

9. Kylie Skin Care Set  $125

I don't know if you agree with me but for me skin care promoted by someone so young and using aesthetic medicine treatments is a bit of a scam. It's definitely not a brand that I could trust on such an important issue.

10. Juvia's Place
Nubian 3 Coral Palette  £29.95

I must admit that I am a little disappointed with the color scheme of this palette. As soon as I saw the name coral, I was expecting something saturated, colorful what will be telling buy me while these colors somehow seem to me that they are don't harmonize with each other. I like the Juvias as a brand very much, but I will rather skip this palette.

I Am Magic Foundation  $20 and Concealer  $14
juvias concealer and foundation
Link    Link

I think it's not a surprise that they are expanding their offer by a foundation and concealer. Will I buy it? Hmm I don't know, if they will really open their store in June and they will be affordable then probably yes. I saw a few online reviews and all of them were very positive so I'm not say no. Would you like to see their reviews?

11. Blush Tribe The Limited Edition Pastel Tribe  £23.99  

12. Ofra Ray of Light and Northern Lights Primers  $20
Ofra  Primers

13. Colourpop Watermelon Collection  Palette $12 Lip Gloss $7  Glitter $8 Face Milk $8 Kit $12 Whole Set $145

14. Jouer Tanlines Collection Available May 31st

I feel mega holiday vibe in this palette but I saw the first reviews on youtube and unfortunately the pigmentation is not the best :(

15. Too Faced Triple Scoop Highlighting Palette  £34

16. Morphe 39S Such A Gem Palette  £35

I have been hesitating for a long time to buy this palette because I love purples but I think that the latest Nabla is more interesting. Eyeshadows from Morphe can be tricky, sometimes they are of mega poor quality and the other times just sensational, so I don't want to risk and also contains a lot of repetitive shades. Common sense tells me that I do not need it and already the Bling Boss palette meets my needs.

17. Anastasia Beverly Hills Summer 2019  Pigment  £24  Oil  £43  Lipstick Set  £24

18. Makeup Revolution x Rachel Leary  Larger  £15  Smaller  £10
Link   Link

19. Sleek Colour Carnage Palette  £8.99

I haven't heard anything about Sleek from a long time, which is a shame because is really price-friendly. According to me this palette has a really appealing colors and I wish them the best, I hope that their next releases will be equally interesting.

20. Lethal Cosmetics Awakening Collection  £5.70 or £5.50 Each Whole Collection £37.70

21. Iconc London Sunset to Sunrise Eyeshadow Palette  £45

22. Huda Beauty  Resting Boss Face £27  &  Tantou £26 

I think that the extension of the assortment by bronzers and setting spray makes sense for the Huda Beauty brand, but it's not what I need. I definitely prefer powdery bronzers but who knows, maybe I will be more into a creamy formulas in the future.

Are you planning to buy something?
What excites you the most?
Eyeshadow palettes, skin care or maybe something else?


  1. Oh very cute palettes darling

  2. I am a pallette freack and seeing all those wonderful eyeshadows cand only be a delight!

    1. Ohh yes, if I only could buy them all :D Regards love❤❤

  3. Great that you liked it:** Regards!

  4. Muy interesantes y bonitos. Un beso.

  5. I love These products.
    The strong colorsare so amazing.

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  6. complete color, with lots of choices

  7. Widziałam tę paletkę nową z Inglota❣

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